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Bowling Alley Owners Looking for Slip and Fall Solution

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 12 June 2013
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Suppose it is Thursday night. It’s your weekly bowling night with the guys at the local lanes. The weather outside is low 30’s with a chance for snow around the second game. That’s ok, you say. You’ll take your smoke break after the first game is completed and take a little more time than normal.

You step outside and begin to walk alongside the building away from the door when your bowling shoe (which has no under-sole traction) slips on a section of sidewalk and you go sprawling. The butt hits first, followed by an already sore back and head.

Your head is pounding, your back is in pain, and you can’t smoke let alone return to the alley for the remaining two games.


Now what?

For bowling centers trying to keep their guests safe and insurance costs down, and bowlers not looking to injure themselves before during or after a match, there is an inexpensive solution – install aluminum non slip treads by Handi-Ramp.

These treads are made from 100% aluminum material, alleviating any worry about weather corrosion or salting. Treads are available in seven stock sizes with an option for custom sizes (additional charges will apply). Installing the treads on concrete is very easy, pre-drilling holes (use the tread as a template) then inserting concrete-specific anchors into the holes once the tread is in place, then hammer.

Aside from the seven stock sizes, there are four colors available for each size offering a variety of choices for your need. Treads are always in stock and most orders ship same day with options for expedited shipping.

To purchase your treads today, or speak with an expert about how they can benefit you, please call (800) 876-7267 or visit handitreads.com


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