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The Cost of Falling, and the Cost of Handi-Treads

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on Tuesday, 12 June 2012
in Slip and Fall Statistics

With the current state of the economy, people simply can’t afford to miss work, especially due to an injury. Approximately 25,000 people go to the hospital every day as a result of a slip and fall accident and 65% of all lost workdays are due to slip and fall accidents which results in 95 million lost workdays per year. These injuries can produce some expensive medical bills, with the average cost of a slip related injury exceeding $12,000. Although slipping and falling is more common among older individuals, these injuries can happen to anyone in almost any environment.

Most people buy a home security system after a burglary has taken place, and the same can be said about individuals who fall and then buy non-slip safety products. Handi –Treads™ are specifically designed to prevent slipping and falling in any environment, and can be installed in minutes on almost any surface. The average cost for a Handi-Tread is about $10 while fall related injuries can produce a medical bill in the thousands.

Handi-Treads are a simple and cost effective way to make any hazardous environment a safe one. Preventing one fall or even a missed day at work will enable Handi-Treads to pay for themselves instantly. Handi-Treads are available in standard sizes to fit your stairs, handicapped ramp, or slippery walkway, but these treads can be manufactured in custom sizes and colors to fit your individual needs and environment.

Medical care, insurance, and any other health related expense has been steadily increasing for years, which puts more stress on staying healthy. The statistics relating to slip and fall accidents are extremely alarming and clearly show the need for products such as Handi-Treads. Installing treads is such a fast, simple, and cost effective safety precaution that there is no reason someone should slip and fall. The best way to prevent an accident is to take action before it happens.



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