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Handi-Treads Made Available in Canada via FBA Program

Posted by Matt
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on Monday, 03 March 2014
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In the latter weeks of December 2013, Handi-Ramp sent off a shipment of non slip tread kits to an Amazon Canada fulfillment center with the goal of selling said tread kits to the citizens of Canada, saving them on the high cost of shipping and transit time.

Amazon FBA deliveryWhen Amazon first offered their Prime service at an additional cost in the United States in 2005, Amazon’s intention was to offer the customer a free 2nd day shipping upgrade by shipping the product(s) directly from their warehouses.  Also available is the ability to request overnight shipping for a discounted fee.

The Prime membership became so popular in the U.S. that Amazon expanded the program to another 6 countries; Canada in early 2013.  With Handi-Treads now available on the shelves of an Amazon FBA warehouse, what’s not to love?

Prime customers are able to place an order for our tread kits and within 2 business days will have their package delivered with contents carefully packaged.  Since the kits will already be in Canada, there’s no need for a customer to pay excessive shipping or customs charges, saving quite a bit of money.

This sounds great, but how will Handi-Treads benefit me?

Well, the most important reason is to prevent unnecessary slips and falls. There’s no worse feeling slipping on a set of stairs or a ramp and bruising a hip, breaking an arm, knocking out some teeth, or visiting the hospital.  Non slip aluminum treads have been tested and proven to outlast both non slip grit tape and grip without any special care or maintenance.  Prefer to move them?  No problem!  Our aluminum treads do not utilize a sticky residue, allowing you to simply unscrew the hardware included and lift.  That’s it!

Handi-Ramp has made purchasing tread kits in Canada hassle-free by offering them thru Amazon’s FBA program, saving time and money.

To learn more about our product, please visit our Amazon listings.

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