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HandiTreads™ Provide Great Traction in Any Environment, Even Underwater

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on Tuesday, 03 July 2012
in HandiTreads Uses and Applications

Although slips and falls are more common in the winter because of snow and ice, they are still extremely common no matter what time of year. With this year’s June being so hot, more people have been going to pools, beaches, lakes, etc. to cool off. As we all know by seeing the yellow slippery floor sign on store floors, water can make almost any surface dangerous to walk on. Most people would think Handi- Treads are only necessary in slippery environments caused by some form of snow and ice; however HandiTreads are designed to create unparallel traction in any environment.

Our aluminum treads are designed to work with these elements, which is why Handi-Treads are great to use in an unsafe or slippery environment caused by water. Handi-Treads are not just extremely durable; they will not rust even if they are subject to underwater conditions. Piers, walkways, and stairs can be made safe in minutes with our easy-to-install treads. Handi-Treads can be installed on
any surface including (but not limited to) wood, concrete, masonry, metal, etc. Knowing that situations and environments are different for everyone, we offer treads in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your personal needs.

Unlike grip tape and non slip paint, water and the environment will not reduce the quality of traction over time which makes Handi-Treads a long-term solution that requires basically no maintenance. With the average slip and fall injury producing medical bills in the thousands, taking action to prevent a slip and fall injury before it happens is crucial. The durability and no rust features of our treads make it a perfect solution to preventing slips and falls caused by water and any other element.




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