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Slips and Falls and the Law

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on Monday, 20 February 2012
in Slip and Fall: Legal

It should not surprise anyone that when you do a Google search for “slip and fall” the majority of the listings are for law firms. Seven of the first ten free (also known as organic) listings were for law firms and all eleven ads were for law firms. The law firms that were advertising here are spending over $13.00 for each visitor that clicks on their ad.

Slip and Fall injuries are big business. Big legal business. According to the National Floor Safety Institute the average cost to defend a law suit is $50,000. But the average judgment if a case goes to trial is $100,000. (See CostHelper.com: http://personalfinance.costhelper.com/slip-fall-lawsuit.html)

However most slip and fall injuries result in minor injuries and the cost for these occurrences is usually around $12,000 according to a Wausau Insurance Study. The bottom line is that slip and fall injuries are a serious concern for everyone and we all need to take precautions to reduce and avoid these accidents.

Of course I shouldn't need to remind you that HandiTreads are a great way to reduce the number of slips and falls in your home or office: http://www.handiramp.com/nonskidtreads.htm



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