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Handi-Treads Offer Safety and Security on College Campuses

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 30 April 2014
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Many colleges have just a few weeks left of classes before students go home for the summer. Now is the time to think about and act upon pressing safety issues.

Among the issues will be talk of slips and falls among students and staff while walking to a building, dorm or restaurant on campus.  Furthermore, slips and falls have become such a hot topic that many universities (Purdue, UnionUniversity of West Florida, Princeton, etc.) have started to post signage asking pedestrians to report possible locations for slip and fall injuries.

Our research has shown many universities prefer to pay millions of dollars in construction costs to fix these slip and fall areas in hopes of reducing or preventing avoidable injuries.

But, why pay millions of dollars for construction permits, material, and time spent if there’s a cheaper and easier alternative?

Handi-Ramp, based in Libertyville IL saw a problem and created a solution.  Now sold worldwide, their product named Handi-Treads, are an inexpensive and easy to install solution for high risk slip and fall areas around your campus.

You may have seen, know about, or installed a non slip grit tape or grip paint to prevent such slips and falls; however the cons far outweigh the pros.  Handi-Treads are made from aluminum which is weather and corrosion resistant; grit tape and grip paint are not weather resistant, and although they do not corrode the composition degrades easily.

Handi-Treads can be mounted on your front stairs, and then moved and re-mounted on your rear porch, and moved again to your sidewalk with little effort and does not leave a sticky residue.  Grit tape and grip paint can be moved, but you’ll spend time scraping the remaining residue off the surface.

Handi-Treads are available in seven stock sizes and five finishes with custom sizes available.  Grit tape and grip paint are available to consumers in limited sizes and even more limited colors.  No custom size grit tape is available.

Non slip treads have been purchased and installed by dozens of community colleges and universities for many years, preventing not just the slip and fall but also the resulting injury or even death associated with it.

With campuses across the country thinning for the summer, now is the time to think about keeping students and staff safe year round with Handi-Treads.

To learn more or place your order, visit www.handiramp.com, call (800) 876-7267, or visit our Handi-Ramp Amazon store page.

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Handi-Treads Make a Great Spring Cleaning Gift

Posted by Matt
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on Thursday, 20 March 2014
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As the first day of meteorological spring 2014 falls upon our nation, hundreds of thousands of people are still digging out of several 2013-2014 winter storms including #WinterStormAtlas, #WinterStormBoreas, #WinterStormCleon and #WinterStormDion.

According to The Weather Channel this morning, more cold air will move into the Midwest, East, and parts of the South regions early next week bringing the possibly of more winter storms.

With a much needed thaw covering much of our nation these past couple of weeks, what does this mean for the regions mentioned above? It means any standing water on city sidewalks, driveways and porch decks could freeze, leaving a slippery mess for people.

Did you know slips and falls cause more than 19,000 deaths in the U.S. annually (source Center for Disease Control)?

With Mother Nature’s relentless winter breaking snow records in New York City, frigid below average temperatures in Chicago, and near record breaking numbers for ice covering the great lakes (92%) it’s no wonder millions of Americans are fed up with this weather.

But as I stated earlier, more winter weather could invade our air over the next several days, leaving Americans to fend for both their safety and others against slips and falls when leaving their home.

To prevent this, we at Handi-Ramp have designed a permanent and inexpensive solution for this growing problem. Named Handi-Treads, they are made from aluminum measuring 3.75” wide by 30” long and are designed to be mounted on to any surface aimed at preventing such slips and falls. You may have heard of a non slip grit tape or maybe grip paint, right? Well, our tread would replace those useless products.

Manufactured with our unique raised-button surface, aluminum treads provided unparalleled traction regardless of weather conditions or mounting location. They are available in several varying sizes and colors to meet your needs, and come with a lifetime residential warranty so long as you maintain ownership of the property, and a one year warranty for commercial locations.

What’s more, if you decide a few years down the road that your mounting location was not the best choice, simply remove the tread and place it elsewhere – you won’t need to worry about scraping up dried glue from the faded tape.

We promise you will be satisfied with our product, and if not, feel free to return it for a credit! For more information about our non slip tread or to make a purchase, please call (800) 876-7267 or visit www.handiramp.com

For those of you located in Canada, please see our Amazon Canada products (http://tinyurl.com/pddawq5).

Powder Coated Yellow Non Slip Tread Powder Coated Brown Tread

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Treads Versus Nonslip Tape And Non-Slip Paint

Posted by Administrator
Thom is the CEO of Handi-Ramp and the inventor of HandiTreads.
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on Thursday, 05 April 2012
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Our local park district runs a platform tennis program. For those of you who don’t know the game it is similar to tennis but on a court one third the size of a tennis court and it is played outside during winter. Here’s a YouTube video. Because this game is played during winter the stairs around the courts and the paddle hut will get very slippery because of the snow.

Non-Slip Tape Failure Two years ago I noticed the Park District putting down grip tape on the stairs. I thought this would be a good opportunity to set up a comparison between the treads and non-slip tape so I volunteered to put some treads down side by side with the nonslip tape as a comparison test. The grip tape was applied according to manufacturer’s instructions in nice warm weather on clean dry steps. The Handi-Treads were installed in the middle of a snow storm (See Installation Video On YouTube). The nonslip tape did not last very long as it started to peal up after the first few snows (as seen in the picture on the right).

By the end of the first winter almost all of the nonslip tape had pealed up. So when year two began I thought the park district would ask me to install HandiTreads on all of the steps, but new management had arrived and they wanted to try nonslip paint. So this past year the HandiTreads were compared against nonslip paint. Within just a couple of months we discovered that the nonslip paint simply wore off the steps.

Comarison of HandiTreads to Nonslip Tape and Non-Slip Paint

Here is a photo display of the three products. While I still don’t know if the park district will ask us to install HandiTreads for next year I now have photographic proof of the durability of the HandiTreads.

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