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Handi-Treads Offer Safety and Security on College Campuses

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 30 April 2014
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Many colleges have just a few weeks left of classes before students go home for the summer. Now is the time to think about and act upon pressing safety issues.

Among the issues will be talk of slips and falls among students and staff while walking to a building, dorm or restaurant on campus.  Furthermore, slips and falls have become such a hot topic that many universities (Purdue, UnionUniversity of West Florida, Princeton, etc.) have started to post signage asking pedestrians to report possible locations for slip and fall injuries.

Our research has shown many universities prefer to pay millions of dollars in construction costs to fix these slip and fall areas in hopes of reducing or preventing avoidable injuries.

But, why pay millions of dollars for construction permits, material, and time spent if there’s a cheaper and easier alternative?

Handi-Ramp, based in Libertyville IL saw a problem and created a solution.  Now sold worldwide, their product named Handi-Treads, are an inexpensive and easy to install solution for high risk slip and fall areas around your campus.

You may have seen, know about, or installed a non slip grit tape or grip paint to prevent such slips and falls; however the cons far outweigh the pros.  Handi-Treads are made from aluminum which is weather and corrosion resistant; grit tape and grip paint are not weather resistant, and although they do not corrode the composition degrades easily.

Handi-Treads can be mounted on your front stairs, and then moved and re-mounted on your rear porch, and moved again to your sidewalk with little effort and does not leave a sticky residue.  Grit tape and grip paint can be moved, but you’ll spend time scraping the remaining residue off the surface.

Handi-Treads are available in seven stock sizes and five finishes with custom sizes available.  Grit tape and grip paint are available to consumers in limited sizes and even more limited colors.  No custom size grit tape is available.

Non slip treads have been purchased and installed by dozens of community colleges and universities for many years, preventing not just the slip and fall but also the resulting injury or even death associated with it.

With campuses across the country thinning for the summer, now is the time to think about keeping students and staff safe year round with Handi-Treads.

To learn more or place your order, visit www.handiramp.com, call (800) 876-7267, or visit our Handi-Ramp Amazon store page.

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Slip and Fall Lawsuits Targeting Businesses on the Rise

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 28 August 2013
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What if you were told the number of commercial lawsuit claims has jumped over 50% since 2008, and many of these locations are paying out without a proper investigation?

Sadly, this is true. And it continues to rise.

Many businesses, including retail stores and warehouses are targeted more frequently by a team who target an easy location (slippery floors, unsafe walkways or stairways, etc) and use it to their advantage.

As mentioned above, many companies do not conduct a thorough investigation, but instead pay out the injury claim.

At the present time, there are not many solutions for preventing this ‘slip and fall’ act. Some say installing and maintaining CCTV cameras in hopes of catching the offenders committing this fraudulent act. Others suggest installing signs and other warning for both customers and employees.

But what if there was a cheaper solution; one that blends in with the walking surface and prevents slips and falls at the same time? They are called Handi-Treads and feature a unique raised-button surface that provides additional traction wherever and whenever needed. Manufactured near Chicago IL these non slip treads are perfect to mount onto any surface including wood, concrete, masonry, and even aluminum.

Many of us also know one size does not fit all. That’s why treads are manufactured in 7 different sizes and 5 different finishes for each size. That’s 35 different options!

So the next time you consider ripping up your flooring to prevent such slips and falls, consider an alternate solution with non slip Handi-Treads.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our tread specialists at (800) 876-7267 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Handi-Treads Keep Nature Preserve Guests Safe

Posted by Matt
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on Tuesday, 12 March 2013
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Imagine walking through a nature preserve, admiring its beauty and lack of street noise.  You come up to an area with a wooden staircase leading down to a pond.  One foot is planted on the top stair, then a second foot.  Before you take another step, you are losing traction, slipping off the stair.  By instinct, your arms reach out to grab a handrail or anything sturdy enough to keep from falling and causing serious injury.

You miss the railing and fall down a couple stairs, sending pains down your side.  Now your day is ruined because of a slip.

Non slip treadsThis is a true story from a woman in eastern Pennsylvania who suffered a bruised hip as a result of the fall.  As a result, the nature preserve immediately took action to ensure this would not happen again, and after weeks of research found our company, Handi-Ramp.  The nature preserve, after working with our sales department, purchased over 20 of our non slip treads designed specifically to prevent falls.  Most of the treads were custom (measuring 3.75” deep by 64” long) and were mounted on a long wooden platform (pictured).  Additional treads were installed at other various locations around the preserve, including the problematic stairs.

A few months after installing them, a woman on vacation in PennsyNature preserve treadslvania from Chicago saw our non slip treads mounted on those same wooden stairs and was quite intrigued.  You see, this woman was on the board of her condo and had been searching for a solution for slippery steps and ramps and had almost given up.  Upon a closer look she saw a phone number and upon returning home, she called the number was delighted to find out that the company who held the patent on the tread and manufactured them was mere miles away. She stopped in that day, picked up a sample and brought it to her condo board.

About two weeks later, her board ordered several hundred treads. In a follow up phone call she expressed how pleased she was with the product and how helpful our staff was.

Our non slip treads are designed for any application, regardless of weather conditions.  Wood stairs, boat docks, and concrete ramps are the most common surfaces that become slippery.  To order your treads today, please visit us online or call (800) 876-7267 to speak with a tread expert.

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