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Handi-Treads Officially Launches in Canada FBA

Posted by Matt
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on Monday, 30 December 2013
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After months of preparation and planning, non slip treads by Handi-Ramp are now officially available thru Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Canada program.

What does that mean? For those current and potential customers located in Canada you no longer have to pay excessive shipping and handling fees to receive your product, or will you need to wait upwards of a week to receive your treads.

As of Friday, December 20th two listings became active on Amazon.ca in which Canadian residents are now able to purchase a 3 pack or 5 pack non slip treads, the hardware to mount them, and specific instructions (Handi-Ramp calls these "kits"). Each kit is available to be purchased thru the Amazon FBA program which offers customers free two day shipping with Prime membership, or overnight shipping for an additional cost.

Again, no longer will Canadian customers need to pay for the international shipping (which by the way does not include duties and taxes) and wait upwards of a week to receive their product. Now with one click, customers can purchase a kit and receive them anywhere in Canada within just a few business days!

Non slip treads are designed to reduce/prevent people from unnecessary slips and falls on wood surfaces (decks, porches, stairs, boardwalks, marinas, boat docks, etc). Treads feature our unique raised-button surface which creates the instant traction, saving family and friends from injuries and trips to the emergency room. Non-skid treads can be mounted in any weather condition and will not fade/peel like non slip grit tape or grip paint, which needs to be replaced every few months.

For any questions regarding the FBA program or how treads work, please call (800) 876-7267 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Keeping the Family Safe During the Holidays

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 18 December 2013
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As we near the end of 2013, one thing is for sure: the year went by really, really fast.

I can remember sitting at the Thanksgiving table with the family, eating turkey, potatoes, and other dishes that aunts and uncles brought like it was yesterday.

But of course it wasn’t yesterday – it was almost one full month ago. Like I said, time flew very quickly this year.

And if you are one of the millions of people to host Christmas for your family this year, it’s not too late to safeguard your home from unnecessary injury, specifically outdoors.

The Weather Channel has indicated all week that both rain and snowstorms alike could cause many headaches while on the road, but fails the mention the dangers after pulling into the driveway. Now, don’t get me wrong – rain may not cause as much damage as one might think, but what happens when the air turns colder and changes the rain to snow? Now homeowners and property manages must shift their concerns to the ever-growing concern of a family member or close friend slipping and falling on the driveway without ever making it to the sidewalk.

To prevent such an accident from occurring, Handi-Ramp in Libertyville IL has created non slip aluminum treads designed to provide the additional traction one needs to safely walk, well, anywhere. The treads can be mounted to any surface in just a minute or two and does not require anything more than a hand tool or powered drill.

As I mentioned before, The Weather Channel indicates snow across much of the northwestern parts of the United States, and stretching eastward into New England.

No one wants to have an aunt, uncle or family friend slipping and falling before they make their way into the home. Protect them and yourself with non slip treads, and let the unparalleled traction speak for itself.

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Handi-Treads Close to Launching Amazon FBA International

Posted by Matt
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on Friday, 15 November 2013
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Since launching the Handi-Treads product in the United States during the late 1980’s, non slip treads have become somewhat of a necessity for preventing slips and falls anywhere (home, business, industrial area) anytime (hot summer days, winter storms, etc). Hundreds of thousands of these treads have been sold to home and business owners alike, trying to reduce unnecessary injury.

As sales began to pick up and refinements were made, people who bought them began to slowly spread the word about the product and how it’s helped them in daily life. Again more refinements and design changes were made to configure the tread to what it is today.

Sales began to really pick up in the last decade when multiple size and color choices were offered as a stock product (and not custom), removing any limits set to customers who couldn’t use the standard size. Not long after, potential customers outside the United States began to take notice of our product via online searches, specifically Canada.

Sadly, high shipping costs deter many customers who can utilize the non slip treads which forces them to look elsewhere.

Until now.

Through a partnership with Amazon Canada, non slip treads will be sold in kits of 5-and-10 packs via Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. What does this mean? Simply put, it will allow Canadian customers to finally purchase the aluminum non slip treads without paying an arm and a leg for shipping. Amazon will stock this product in a warehouse of their choosing, which opens the door for a 2 day shipping average anywhere in Canada. This partnership will now cut down both the shipping cost and transit time – the two biggest factors when making a purchase.

Our non slip treads will be sold as kits compromising 3 or 5 treads, screws, and instructions to make installing the treads a breeze. Those north of the border no longer have to worry about high costs or long waits.

The Hand-Ramp FBA program is slated to launch near the end of November. For more information, please call 847-247-2351.


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Handi-Treads Help Our Dog "Bunnie" Use The Stairs

Posted by Ohio Mike
Ohio Mike
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on Wednesday, 29 February 2012
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In January of 2008 our family adopted a rescued dog from the City of Euclid dog pound. Bunnie is a Cane Corso (AKA Italian Mastiff) who had been chained under a porch with no proper food and water. The owners wanted a "fighting" dog and when they discovered Bunnie was no fighting dog they just threw her under the porch and left her alone to the elements. Thankfully she was rescued by our Animal Control Officer.

Bunnie has hip dysplasia in both hind legs. Also she has OCD (Osteochondritis Disease) in both knees of her hind legs. Some of these problems may be genetic or may be caused by lack of proper nutrition during her puppy years.

When Bunnie arrived she was very weak in her rear legs and kind of fell sideways when walking. Well the majority of the floors in our house are bare wood. Also the staircase to our second floor is bare wood. We immediately discovered that the bare wood floors were very difficult for Bunnie to walk on. With her already bad hind legs combined with slippery bare wood she was falling and sliding all over. The staircase was the absolute worse. She scared the heck out of us sliding and slipping on the staircase.

Well I had to find a solution for the steps. I looked at carpeting. I looked at various “stick on” antislip products. Then I came across your Handi-Ramp web site and discovered non skid treads. I called and discussed your product with a very helpful and informative person who stated that these treads may be a good solution.

I really liked the idea of your non skid treads. They seemed like a good solution so I ordered two treads to test on two outside steps on our back porch. The product worked well for dogs and us humans so I ordered 13 non skid treads for our second floor staircase.

Our dog on nonslip stair treadsThe treads arrived promptly and I mounted with stainless steel screws to all steps going up to our second floor. At first Bunnie was a little hesitant to step on the treads but she overcame her fear! She quickly discovered that stepping on the treads stopped the slipping and sliding allowing her to "bound" like a dog up and down the staircase

Your Handi-Ramp non skid treads saved the day for our family and our new dog!

Bunnie can safely navigate the staircase and not cause us to panic or worry that she is going to fall. The new treads are also helping us humans – my wife and I also find the wood stairs slippery at times. Well the new treads have stopped us from slipping!

I just want to let you all know that the Handi-Ramp non skid treads really saved the day for our new dog Bunnie and us humans to! I would recommend this solution to anyone with a similar situation.

It’s been almost a year now Bunnie is much healthier and stronger now and does not fall while walking.

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