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Slip and Fall Lawsuits Targeting Businesses on the Rise

Posted by Matt
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on Wednesday, 28 August 2013
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What if you were told the number of commercial lawsuit claims has jumped over 50% since 2008, and many of these locations are paying out without a proper investigation?

Sadly, this is true. And it continues to rise.

Many businesses, including retail stores and warehouses are targeted more frequently by a team who target an easy location (slippery floors, unsafe walkways or stairways, etc) and use it to their advantage.

As mentioned above, many companies do not conduct a thorough investigation, but instead pay out the injury claim.

At the present time, there are not many solutions for preventing this ‘slip and fall’ act. Some say installing and maintaining CCTV cameras in hopes of catching the offenders committing this fraudulent act. Others suggest installing signs and other warning for both customers and employees.

But what if there was a cheaper solution; one that blends in with the walking surface and prevents slips and falls at the same time? They are called Handi-Treads and feature a unique raised-button surface that provides additional traction wherever and whenever needed. Manufactured near Chicago IL these non slip treads are perfect to mount onto any surface including wood, concrete, masonry, and even aluminum.

Many of us also know one size does not fit all. That’s why treads are manufactured in 7 different sizes and 5 different finishes for each size. That’s 35 different options!

So the next time you consider ripping up your flooring to prevent such slips and falls, consider an alternate solution with non slip Handi-Treads.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our tread specialists at (800) 876-7267 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Heat Waves Spar Injuries, Slips and Falls

Posted by Matt
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on Tuesday, 16 July 2013
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This week marks a pivotal first few days across the continental United States with record setting heat bringing low 100-degree temps from Phoenix creeping north into central Idaho and the remaining parts of the country feeling mid to high 90s.

Thousands of news stations across the country will provide tips for staying hydrated during the heat wave and avoiding strenuous activity. But what about the hidden dangers, specifically slips and falls in and around your home, in a park, or at a public building due to the exhaustion from the heat?

As this heat wave spreads cross country, millions will take to their beaches, theme parks, local pools, cooling centers, shopping centers or other indoor locations that might offer a reprieve. Keeping these guests safe becomes the tricky part.

Even with the warm temps or high humidity, the risk of injury is there. Among them is the risk of a slip and fall which could cause serious injury or even death. Preventing slips and falls should be the number one safety precaution that any establishment pursues as it can potentially save thousands of dollars in lawsuits.

A quick search online via Google, eBay, or Amazon shows a variety of non slip products including rubber pads and grit tape. Sadly, none of those are economical due to their short lifespan and accompanying expense.

Handi-Ramp in Chicago has designed a better option for those wanting to prevent such slips and falls, and it starts with their treads. Made of aluminum, they feature a raised-button surface which creates the traction. At just 1/8” thick and seven in-stock sizes available, it’s hard to go wrong. Simply mount the treads onto any surface and within minutes you’ll have a safer area to walk in.

Safety always comes first and even in the heat of the summer with the scorching hot temperatures, slip and fall accidents can happen. Don’t be a casualty this summer. Take precautions.


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