Our non slip Handi-Treads are designed to be mounted on any surface including stairs, ramps, docks, porches, warehouse floors, synthetic floors and any additional surfaces requiring additional traction. Non slip treads are especially useful for mounting on slick wooden or concrete inclines or ramps. The treads take just a minute or two each to mount and last for many years!

Black 30in Treads Yellow treads mounted to restaurant steps

Custom size plain aluminum treads Black 30in Treads

Yellow treads on circular wood staircase Walking on treads after a snowfall

Brown treads on forest preserve staircase Treads mounted on outdoor wooden stairs

Multiple plain aluminum treads Treads mounted on outdoor wooden ramp



Installing treads on deck stairs

The customer above is installing her brown treads on deck stairs using a drill and #8 stainless steel screws.



Treads installed on concrete ramp

Treads can be mounted to concrete steps using a masonry bit and pin-drive anchors.