Welcome Dealers and Buyers! HandiTreads Goes Retail
HandiTreads, a Made in the USA product, are now available for in store purchase, in kits, where the treads come with 8 color matched screws.


Dealers who attended the National Hardware Show, can attest firsthand the quality and craftsmanship of HandiTreads.


Product Reach
To expand our reach and offer HandiTreads in more locations, we are actively seeking dealers who will sell our HandiTreads kits in their stores.


Pre-packaged tread kits with matching screws
Order our pre-packaged kits for your store. Available in silver, safety yellow, brown and black. you’ll find that customers will be grabbing this product off of the shelf.


Nosings Too
HandiTreads come in the nosing design. Nosings help to protect the edge of your stair, deck or surface.


Uses of HandiTreads


Front stairs – For your home, when visitors come to town, treads provide the added safety, security and peace of mind that a loved one will not slip, trip or fall. Back deck – Picnics and barbeques are more safe and secure when treads are in place. With the lifetime residential guarantee, who can beat it! Pets – Our customers even use HandiTreads with their dogs on wooden steps inside the house to help provide more traction for Spot to get up those stairs. The uses go beyond even what we can dream up.


Features and Benefits
Durable and Long Lasing – HandiTreads is superior to non slip tape and paint Lifetime Residential Guarantee! - HandiTreads are made of aluminum and will not rust. Stair Repair – HandiTreads are a great way to repair your concrete or wood stairs Simple – Handitreads are a great, simple and quick DIY project for deck, stairs and inclined ramp surfaces Versatile –Treads can be installed on concrete, wood and many other types of surfaces Quick – Within a matter of minutes HandTreads can be installed Easy – Installation is a breeze. All you need is a drill, tapcon screws come with the treads Standard and Custom Sizes – HandiTreads come in standard and custom sizes


Want More Information?
Give us a call (847)680-7700. The friendly tread experts at HandiRamp can discuss the dealer’s program with you.