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Government Applications

Safety is and always should be a top priority for the government. Government buildings accommodate large volumes of foot traffic on a daily basis, which in turn leads to a high potential for slip and fall accidents. High risk areas include offices, courthouses, military bases, embassies, post offices, national parks, museums, and even military equipment such as airplanes, trucks, and boats. The risk of a slip and fall injury must be mitigated by a reliable safety product in order to ensure the safety of the general public and avoid costly injury settlements at the government’s expense.

The Handi-Treads® Solution

Handi-Treads are an OSHA approved, cost-effective safety solution designed to prevent slip and fall injuries at a minimal expense to the tax payer. They feature a unique, rust-proof aluminum construction that uses raised traction bumps to provide extra grip on surfaces exposed to slip hazards. Perfect for stairs, walkways, and ramps, these treads are easily installed on wood, concrete, or metal and are manufactured to last for years. Whereas grit tape and grit paint fall apart after prolonged use, Handi-Treads maintain their safety presence for decades. You won’t have to worry about replacing our product.

Considering the potential costs stemming from injury liability, Handi-Treads are a great safety investment. We offer several different colors and sizes designed to accommodate different needs and locations. Browse our selection to find the right tread for your specific use.


An independent testing organization has certified that Handi-Treads tested in accordance with the NFSI B-101, a testing standard that measures a surface’s coefficient of friction. Handi-Treads exceed the NFSI and the ANSI 1264 standard for coefficient of friction by almost double (wet or dry), with the S.C.O.F averaging .83 for dry and .96 for wet conditions. The solid aluminum structure allows for washing (or power washing) with virtually any cleaner on the market.

Government Handi-Treads Installations

NATO Camp Bondsteel
US Coast Guard
US Forest Service
McChord Air Force Base
City of San Diego
Buena Park Library District
Jonesboro Housing Authority
Laurel Hill State Park
Snohomish County Facilities
US Post Office
National Guard
Marine Corps Air Station
Village of Plainfield
Village of Steamboat Springs
City of San Luis Obisbo
Town of Kitty Hawk Public Works
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park
City of LaCenter

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