Handi-Treads are manufactured with the environment in mind

The original idea for Handi-Treads came from creating an alternative use for drop off from our ramp manufacturing process. The goal was to reduce the amount of recycled scrap and turn this into a useful product. While we continue to make use of 100% of the drop off from our ramp business, today Handi-Treads have become too popular to be produced exclusively from this source and are also manufactured from aluminum plate. Handi-Treads are still very environmentally friendly.

Here is how Handi-Treads fit with the three Rs of an environmentally friendly product.

Handi-Treads are an environmentally friendly alternative to both non slip tape and non skid paint. Handi-Treads are guaranteed to last the life time of the home owner. Non slip tape most be replaced between six months and a year. Non skid paint needs to be re-applied every one to two years. Site preparation for both tape and paint requires chemical cleaners and solvents. Old tape and paint must be scraped off and put into a land fill. With a useful life of 20 years for Handi-Treads you can see how much more friendly Handi-Treads are for the environment.

Handi-Treads are formed from a 0.1 inch plate and are mounted using screws. We expect them to last for many years. Handi-Treads are easily reused and will sometimes last longer than surface on which they are mounted.

Handi-Treads are manufactured out of 100% aluminum and as we all know aluminum is one of the easiest and most economically lucrative products to recycle. In the unlikely event that you no longer needed your Handi-Treads this product is completely recyclable.

We are always looking for new ideas to make this product better and more environmentally friendly. Please feel free to write to us or call us with any and all ideas.