Morris, IL
Problem: Has three sets of outside steps that he wanted to cover with treads. The weather wasn't so much the problem - it was preventing a slip in general. After much discussion our tread specialists he ended up purchasing multiple treads.
"These stair treads work very well regardless of the weather: I have three sets of outside steps (11 steps in all). It took me about 15 minutes to install all of them. I bought the wide ones, and in turned out that there weren't quite enough screws in the bag, but they sent the rest (and then some) right out once I emailed them about it. No slippery steps to worry about anymore! For heavy ice storms I still throw some salt on them, but otherwise I don't have to do anything. These things will outlast my porch. Worth the cost, definitely."

Hendersonville, NC
Problem: The ramp he built for himself was becoming a safety hazard. The tenants in the house had fallen a couple times in both the summer and winter months. 48" treads solved this problem.
"Stair treads are the answer. Installed them on our ramp to help with traction in the winter. These things work great. Put them on every other board. frost, ice, light snow (we live in NC) no problem. they allow your shoes to grip and NOT slip. Highly recommend them."

Chicago, IL
Problem: Wood stairs leading up to my front door. The wood is very smooth in some places; so smooth nothing will stick to it (especially shoes). 30" brown treads were suggested and she hasn't looked back.
"I appreciate the ease ordering and installing these stair treads. They were delivered quickly. I feel more secure with these stair treads installed on my wooden stairs."

Maple Valley, WA
Problem: Wood stairs leading to the basement near 12" of depth. Due to its finish, the stairs are very slippery year round.  They were introduced to our new 9" nosings, and haven't looked back since.
It has been a real pleasure working with HANDI RAMP. Alex has been exceptional to work with. Half of our stairs have your product we ordered in our home. My wife and I love the product!"


Marion, SD
Problem: Has a trailer with a slipper wood surface, and each time a vehicle is loaded on there's problems with grip.
"Good morning Jim, here is a pic of your skid plates that I purchased for my race car-hauler project. They work superbly for my application and I have had a lot of inquiries about where I got them. I forwarded them to your web site."


Raleigh, NC
Problem: The Ford truck I drive has a step board due to the vehicles height. Many of the family members, friends, and others I help move have trouble getting into the cab due to a slippery step board. The Handi-Treads were easy to install and many people have commented about them.
"Product was more slip resistant than I thought it would be. I get into and out of a truck a lot and this will help a lot and it's solid piece of aluminum so it's solidly mounted on the truck with drilled an tapped screws."


Ichetucknee Springs State Park
San Antonio, TX
Problem:Experienced numerous slip and fall issues, especially during the early hours of the morning. A secondary problem was the algae growth which also caused numerous slips and falls.
"Our installation of your "Non-Slip Stair Treads" is finally complete. Visitor reviews are very positive and I believe they should solve the slip problem which we have been experiencing. As noted seven sets of three 30" X 6" treads have been installed at the main entrance to our Head Spring swimming area. Six of the seven sets are actually below the surface, providing excellent non-slip properties. Algae growth is apparent on the treads that have been submerged for as little as 3 weeks, thus causing the slipping hazard on the bare wooden steps. Thanks again."


San Antonio
Problem: Customers wood stairs have been slowly decaying causing the stairs to become dangerous. The family didn't have sufficient funds to replace the stairs, so they purchased non slip treads.
"They have worked out GREAT!!! Wish I would’ve found your site along time ago! Thank you for your service."


New York City
Problem: Snow is not a major problem in NYC, but ice is. It seemed my steps were constantly under attack making it dangerous for my family. I did a bit of browsing online, found your product online.
"Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have in the Handi-Treads. We don't get a lot of snow here in NC byt we do get ice. Your product really works. I was a little skeptical at first but after the first icy glaze on the ramp made a believer out of me. I highly recommend them and have to several friends."


Bridgeport, MA
Problem: Just re-built her wooden steps leading to the front door. Due to weather the steps have become quite slippery. Instead of tearing apart and rebuilding the stairs, she purchased Handi-Treads to prevent the slipping.
"This product really met my high standards. I searched for days trying to find a solution to my slippery stairs. The customer service reps who spoke with me explained how the product works and why it would be perfect for me. Thanks."


Kenneth's Plumbing Supplies
St. Louis, MO
Problem: The entrance to the plumbing store has a 15 foot concrete ramp that becomes very slippery during the late fall/early spring months. As a solution, they purchased our non slip treads and since mounting they have not experienced a problem.
"These treads are a great solution for my company as its reduced the number of people slipping on the concrete. Since installing them we haven't had an incident"


Antioch IL
Problem: Her mother broke her hip walking down steps. She contacted us for a non slip solution, and within a week she had installed the treads. Her mother hasn't experienced a fall since.
"I searched online for hours looking for a cost effective solution and found Handi-Ramp. Not only were they local, but Picked up at their Chicagoland office. Customer service greeted me professionally and I was in and out in 10 minutes. There's no one else in the immediate area so I'm lucky they were so nice."


Greco Construction
Albany, NY
Problem: Slippery steps on the temporary wooden staircases of a hospital construction site. This contractor tried all the usual solutions without success. He tried traction paint. He tried adhesive-backed sandpaper tape. The stairs were still dangerous, and his workers were still falling and getting injured. Finally he installed Handi-Treads. Problem solved! The steps are now safe, and Greco plans to use Handi-Treads whenever he has temporary wooden steps on one of his job sites.
"We should have gone to Handi-Treads in the first place. Because of the foot traffic, the paint peeled and the 'grit' tape either peeled or lost its traction. It took me a minute to install the treads, and they still look new weeks later. Thanks!"


Minneapolis, MN
Problem: The rear entrance of his house consisted of older wood that when rain or snow accumulated, had no where to go. He's President of the communities neighbor hood watch, meaning dozens of residents use the stairs. Some complained of the traction while others have had minor injuries. He looked us up online and explained his situation. Our customer service department introduced non slip treads, and before the next neighboorhood meeting he ordered and installed the treads.
"Customer service was great. They answered all of my questions (I had a lot) and e-mailed me a copy of my invoice. Who does that anymore these days?"


VA Hospital
Denver, CO
Problem: Patients, guests, and employees had complained about a slippery ramp to the hospitals entrance. Administrators found us online, gave us a call, and decided to purchase our non slip treads. Since installing them they've received little or no complaints.
"Great customer service, product workmanship was good, and arrived early than expected. Patients and hospital personnel are happy."


Seattle, WA
Problem: Glen had applied non slip tape to his rear stairs to help his in-laws with footing. The tape wore off within weeks and forced Glen to keep reinvesting. He saw our treads at a church and called the number. Our customer service reps took time to explain our product, and within a week Glen installed his new treads.
"Works perfectly for my needs. Thanks to the rep who listened to my situation and provided the best information. My in-laws haven't reported a problem since."


Caesar Rodney School District
Wyoming, Delaware
Problem: Unsafe exterior wooden steps and a slippery wooden ramp. When faced with slippery entrance steps and an outdoor ramp at their district offices, this school district turned to Handi-Treads. Now their problems are solved, quickly and permanently!
"Our school officials were always slipping because of the surface (we even have handrails and they still slipped!). Anyway, the non slip treads by HandiRamp has reduced the number of injuries we had."


East Atlantic Exteriors
Chesapeake, Virginia
Problem: Slippery exterior wooden steps in a large apartment complex. This professional contractor is responsible for maintaining the safety of his client's wooden outside steps. He trusts the durability and reliability of Handi-Treads to fix those steps right the first time! He knows that he won't ever have to worry that these steps will become slippery or need additional maintenance to keep them safe.
"My company installed HandiTreads a few years ago and to this day we haven't received a complaint from a resident or otherwise. HandiRamp saved us a lot of headaches by providing this really inexpensive solution."


Raibley/Kull Properties
Evansville, Indiana
Problem: Exposed wooden staircases leading into an apartment building that get slippery whenever it rains or snows. Chris Raibley noticed Handi-Treads in action during a visit to the San Antonio Zoo. He had tried adhesive grip tape multiple times on his apartment building steps without success. He installed Handi-Treads and solved his problem immediately!
"I couldn't believe how easy these installed and how little the tenants are slipping. I'll definately recommend this company!"


Medori Enterprises
Wilmington, Delaware
Problem: A slick wooden wheelchair ramp leading into an office building. Mark Medori saw how the Hockessin Athletic Club fixed the slippery wooden wheelchair ramp at their facility and gave us a call. He installed Handi-Treads on the office building wheelchair ramp and instantly made that ramp safe!
"What can I say? The treads were cheap, arrived in three days, and the customer service was excellent."


CPM Wolverine Proctor, LLC
Lexington, North Carolina
Problem: A wooden wheelchair ramp leading to office trailers on the grounds of this large manufacturer became dangerously slippery whenever it became wet. Todd Lane called Handi-Ramp and ordered our non skid treads. Now the problem is solved and employees and visitors alike are able to safely use the ramp!
"I bought the 30" strips for my employees after hearing complaints about the footing. They've so far stood up to the massive traffic in and out of our building."