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Industrial Applications

Improvements in worker training, increased awareness, and the application of newer and better safety technology has made the average industrial workplace safer in recent years. However, preventable workplace injuries still occur at an alarming rate.

-303,800 workplace fall injuries occurred in 2000 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
-95 million workdays are lost due to slip and fall injuries (Source: Liberty Mutual)

Slip and fall hazards present themselves in a variety of different workplace environments: exterior stairs and walkways, ramps, maintenance areas, product washing stations, areas surrounding sinks and water fountains, product fabrication areas, machine tool areas, and spray booths. It is the company’s duty to keep its workers safe by providing adequate safety equipment to mitigate potential hazards.

The Handi-Treads® Solution

Handi-Treads provide the ideal cost-effective solution to slip and fall hazards. Their unique rust-proof aluminum design features raised traction bumps that provide extra grip support on high-risk slip and fall surfaces. Industrial workplaces will often use a grit tape or grit paint to prevent slip and fall injuries but these products wear out after prolonged use. Handi-Treads are durable and manufactured to last for years without the need for replacement. Our treads can be easily installed on virtually any industrial surface and stand up to the chemicals and cleaning supplies often used in these environments. They will keep your workers on their feet, guaranteed.


An independent testing organization has certified that Handi-Treads tested in accordance with the NFSI B-101, a testing standard that measures a surface’s coefficient of friction. Handi-Treads exceed the NFSI and the ANSI 1264 standard for coefficient of friction by almost double (wet or dry), with the S.C.O.F averaging .83 for dry and .96 for wet conditions. The solid aluminum structure allows for washing (or power washing) with virtually any cleaner on the market.

Industrial Handi-Tread Customers

RR Donnelley
British Petroleum
Oak Ridge Laboratories
Pacific Gas and Electric
Eastman Kodak
Three Mile Island


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