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The Permanent Solution for Slippery Walkways

Handi-Treads are the fast and permanent way to fix all of your dangerous walkways.

If water, snow, ice or chemicals are making your stairs, sidewalks and other areas too dangerous for foot traffic, Handi-Treads can fix that problem quickly.

The secret is our patented 360° walking surface. The traction bumps are permanently stamped into solid aluminum. They won't rust, peal or wear out like temporary solutions such as paints or sandpaper tape. You'll never have to maintain or reapply Handi-Treads. Just install them and forget them!

No matter what type of surface you need to make safer, Handi-Treads can help! They can be installed in minutes on wood, metal or cement. They can be screwed down to almost any surface regardless of the weather. No need to wait for perfect temperature or moisture conditions. Install them right away, whenever you need them! Try that with paint or adhesive based products!

Our non-slip surface comes in standard sizes to fit most popular applications. Best of all, our non-skid tread material can be custom manufactured to whatever size, shape or color you require for your specific needs.

Simply call our tread experts, and they'll help you solve your slippery situation!



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