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Property Managers

Property Managers must keep properties safe by employing good risk management. Regular safety inspections of the land, facilities, and equipment frequently identify hazards such as uneven pavement, irregular landscaping, and puddles of oil, water, or other liquids.

Managers must oversee and maintain residential units, apartment buildings, commercial stores, office complexes, and community/homeowner associations. Renters and tenants expect property managers to keep their land safe, secure, and well-functioning. Property managers must always manage safety first.

The Handi-Treads® Solution

Handi-Treads are a non-slip safety product designed to prevent slip and fall injuries on common surfaces including stairs, ramps, and platforms. Their durable 100% aluminum construction withstands daily wear and tear experienced in typical residential and commercial environments. The Handi-Tread® never rusts, and never requires additional maintenance.  It is easy to install on wood, concrete, and metal stair substrates. Once installed, the Handi-Tread® maintains its safety presence for decades - you won’t have to worry about replacing it.  These treads eliminate a primary safety risk and allow you to spend more time focusing on other important issues. Browse our selection to find the right tread for your property.


An independent testing organization has certified that Handi-Treads tested in accordance with the NFSI B-101, a testing standard that measures a surface’s coefficient of friction. Handi-Treads exceed the NFSI and the ANSI 1264 standard for coefficient of friction by almost double (wet or dry), with the S.C.O.F averaging .83 for dry and .96 for wet conditions. The solid aluminum structure allows for washing (or power washing) with virtually any cleaner on the market.

Handi-Treads Property Manager Customers

Heritage Property Management Services  
Ballard Property Management
Cricket Club Condominiums 
Georgia College
Royal Palm Yacht Club
Placitas Condominiums
McClan Auto Mall
Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Davis Management
Singer Properties

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