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Residential Applications

Homes, apartments and condominiums are highly susceptible to slip and fall incidents; 19,000 deaths per year result from slips and falls (Source: Center for Disease Control). Injuries from falls are the most common cause of emergency room visits for young children and adults age 65 and older (Source: National Safety Council)

The following list contains a variety of risk areas around the home:

-Decks: Painted wood and especially pressurized wood used on decks and steps can be very slippery when wet and/or worn.

-Wood and Cement Ramps: Often the homeowner will build a homemade ramp to save money over an aluminum ramp.  Wood and cement ramps become extremely slippery when wet, rendering them virtually ineffective.

-Wood or Cement Steps: Wood steps, often unpainted and worn, become slick over time. Cement steps allow water to pool on the surface, creating a slippery hazard especially in low-light conditions.

-Private Docks and Piers: Often made of wood, these structures come in constant contact with water and harbor algae growth. The slippery combination of wet wood coated with slimy algae is a serious threat to safety.

-Synthetic Wood: Synthetic wood has become a replacement for real wood in recent years and is used in a variety of applications. It has several advantages over the real stuff but unfortunately it is no less slippery. Our Handi-Treads are compatible with synthetic wood and can quickly eliminate their safety hazard. 

The Handi-Treads® Solution

Handi-Treads are the most durable slip prevention product on the market. Our treads feature an aluminum design that will never rust and never need replacing. They stand up to snow, rain, household cleaning materials, and any of the other daily abuses that stairs endure. You can easily install Handi-Treads on any wood, concrete, or metal surface; all it will take is a few minutes of your time. When all is said and done, the safety value our treads provide is well worth your investment. 

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An independent testing organization has certified that Handi-Treads tested in accordance with the NFSI B-101, a testing standard that measures a surface’s coefficient of friction. Handi-Treads exceed the NFSI and the ANSI 1264 standard for coefficient of friction by almost double (wet or dry), with the S.C.O.F averaging .83 for dry and .96 for wet conditions. The solid aluminum structure allows for washing (or power washing) with virtually any cleaner on the market.


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