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Residential Applications

Homes, apartments and condominiums can become quite dangerous for slips and falls; 19,000 deaths per year result from slips and falls (Source: Center for Disease Control). Injuries from falls are the most common cause of visits to the emergency room for young children and adults age 65 and older (Source: National Safety Council)

The following list contains a variety of risk areas at the home:

-Decks: Painted wood or especially pressurized wood used on decks and steps can be very slippery when wet and/or worn.

-Wood and Cement Ramps: Often the homeowner will build a wood ramp to save money over an aluminum ramp.  They are surprised to discover that a caregiver cannot walk up a wood ramp when wet or icy.

-Wood steps to basement: Wood steps, often unpainted and worn, can have poor lighting associated with their use.

-Exterior wood and cement steps: Steps can be treacherous when wet or icy

-Private docks and piers: Wet pressurized wood is slippery when wet and when used for dock surfaces often has accumulated algae or mold growth on the walking surface.

-Synthetic wood: Oftentimes when remodeling a home or building a new unit customers prefer to use synthetic wood due to its rot and decay resistance and can be custom shaped using any woodworking tool.  Sadly, as time goes on the product defects become more apparent.  The industry leader (Trex Company, Inc.) has been involved in numerous lawsuits with home owners and installers in regards to mildew, discoloration and increased weakness in the fiber of the materials. As of mid 2008, Trex has replaced over 37,000 decks in regards to the issues previously stated and had to change their 'maintenance-free' claims to 'low-maintenance' explaining that decking would require cleaning multiple times every year to remove mildew spots.


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What Should You Expect From Handi-Treads®?

The residential solution should be easy to install and maintenance free.  It must be ever present, it must be able to stand up to snow, rain, and typical cleaning materials used in the home.  The Handi-Tread’s® 100% aluminum construction allows it to withstand the test of time.  It never rusts, and never requires additional maintenance.  It is easy to install in wood, concrete or metal floor or stair substrates.  And while it does its job, it is easy on bare feet and your pets feet.


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