Enhance Safety Measures on Any Boat Dock or Marina with HandiTreads

Ah, boating season. How wonderful to share moments with friends and family while having a great time on the water. Whether it be angling from a modest fishing boat, canoeing or even tubing while attached to a speed boat down a river, safety should always be the top priority in and around the water to ensure a fun time is had by all, and at all times.  

In preparation for these activities, safety is crucial. From wearing life vests to navigation rules, safety in and around the water is a priority. 

Even before setting foot into the water, safety getting to or from the water, boat or jet ski should also be a priority. The steps or ramps that lead up to a dock or launch are almost always slick, not just from the water, but also the algae or other plant life. Indeed, just maneuvering into or out of a boat can lead to a slip and fall even when dry, turning a day of fun into a day in the emergency room. 

While safety is a concern for families looking to enjoy a day on the water, taking positive steps to make patrons safe is an absolute must for businesses in and around recreational waters. Whether you’re a restaurant by the beach, or a canoe rental service right on the water, slip-and-falls are a liability to be minimized.

To provide traction on slippery steps, boat docks, launches and throughout a marina, Handi-Treads are the ultimate non-slip solution. Handi-Treads are a patented, all-aluminum non-slip tread that dramatically increases traction in all conditions, preventing slips and falls before they can happen. The patented button surface provides enough traction while also being gentle on bare feet. Handi-Treads can also be used in underwater applications for stairways leading into the water and still be just as effective in use. 

Entering and exiting a boat and in preparation for launching the boat can be challenging enough, and when these areas are slick with water, this can create an even bigger safety hazard before even leaving the dock. Help prevent a slip and fall accident on your boat dock or launch with Handi-Treads. A bonus of using these treads in addition to the optimal safety features are the enhanced esthetics of your dock or boat launch available in five striking colors. Providing additional safety features in highlighting where one can walk without worry. Handi-Treads also have Nosing applications made from the same material that can be installed directly on the edge of any dock or stair edge and are just as durable as the treads themselves.

HandiTreads are Perfect For Use On

  • Boat Docks 
  • Boat Launches 
  • Fishing Docks 
  • Piling Docks
  • Pipe Docks
  • Crib Docks
  • Suspension Docks
  • Wood Docks
  • Aluminum Docks
  • Plastic Docks
  • Fixed Docks 
  • Removable Docks 
  • Permanent Docks 
  • Floating Docks 
  • Residential or Commercial Aquatic Spaces 
  • Throughout Marinas 
  • BoatHouses
  • Stairways Both Submerged in Water or on Dry Land 
  • Permanent or Semi-Permanent Stairways 
  • Outdoor Pathways
  • Bridges 
  • Vacation Homes 
  • Wooden Decks 
  • Concrete Decks
  • Composite Decking 
  • Recreational Facilities

Handi-Treads for residential applications, machined from inch aluminum stock, come in five standard finishes including unfinished aluminum, brown, black, yellow, and gray. The three standard sizes include 3.75″(W) x 30″(L), 3.75″(W) x 36″(L), and 3.75″(W) x 48″(L).

Handi-Treads for commercial applications, machined from robust, thick aluminum, are available in four powder-coated colors including black, brown, gray, and safety yellow.

  • Aluminum design is lightweight, strong and will not rust
  • Requires no maintenance or special care when clearing snow or dirt
  • Patented raised button surface which provides traction from any direction
  • Installs in minutes
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
  • Includes color matching wood screws (concrete anchors are recommended for concrete installation)
  • For use on any surface: wood, concrete, masonry, metal, etc.
  • Lifetime residential warranty, limited commercial warranty
  • Handi-Treads products are the result of years of research, expertise in engineering and metal fabrication and a company-wide devotion to producing superior products that deliver the highest value to our customers

“I bought your treads years ago to install on steps from dock to water after my husband fell on slippery steps.  In 2019 I purchased them again to install on new steps to home to “age in place” and not slip. I saw the common sense beauty of this product years ago.  Now I get comments regularly and refer the site to people who think this is the best product they have seen.  (Includes mail carrier, delivery services).  Thank you for an excellent product that I use EVERYDAY.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, IT IS THE BEST.  thank you!!!!!!!!!”


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