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spring is here and it’s time to go outside!
STOP THE SLIP With Handi-Treads

Slip, Trip and Fall injuries on outdoor stairs can be prevented.

At Handi-Treads you will find solutions to any slip, trip or fall hazard inside or outside your home or work. From our patented non-slip aluminum stair treads and deck strips that increase traction in any weather condition, to a suite of products that will make any set of steps safer for people and pets, we offer a complete range of anti-slip solutions to fit every budget. Use our exclusive Stop-the-Slip Configurator to find a customized solution to your unique slip-and-fall problem



Patented non-slip treads make stairs, ramps and decks safer in any weather! Residential lifetime guarantee.


Our non-slip deck strips make part or all of your backyard deck slip-free. They beautify and protect in 3 earth tone colors.


A self-adhesive, see-through solution that reduces indoor slips for people & pets.


Eliminate slips, trips and falls while reinforcing wood & concrete stair treads, extending their life.

Find the Right Solution to Your Trip, Slip or Fall Hazard

Handi-Treads Install in Minutes!

Handi-Treads can be screwed down on wet steps, ramps or porches in any weather! Compare this to solutions like grit tape and grit paint that require dry surfaces and warm temperatures for the adhesives to work. And we all know how much it rains during the Springtime!

Handi-Treads patented raised traction buttons shed water with each step and inhibit the growth of algae, moss and mold. You can also power-wash the aluminum non-slip treads – something that will rip grit tape to shreds!  

Easy Installation this Spring
Make your outdoor steps safe in minutes!

Making Exterior Concrete Stairs Non-Slip

Concrete steps leading up to the front door of a home can be both beautiful and durable. When they’re new, raw and unfinished concrete can actually have excellent non-slip properties when wet. The natural sand and grit in concrete provides traction.

However, as concrete stair treads age they often chip, crack and become uneven making them a slip and fall hazard in any weather condition. 

If you’ve got concrete steps with chipped edges, spalling or cracks that make them unsafe, we’ve got your solution.  Customized Stop-the-Slip Solutions For Outdoor Concrete Steps.


Aluminum Non-Slip Treads
Aluminum Non-Slip Stair Nosings
Non-Slip Clear Adhesive Treads
Grit Tape Deteriorates Out of Doors

Grit Tape FAILS
In Outdoor Applications

In the right environment – indoors – grit tape is an excellent solution to increase traction. However, when you use grit tape outdoors, it’s not effective in wet weather, and it is most definitely not going to last more than a season or two.

While the initial investment in Handi-Treads aluminum treads is a bit more than grit treads or tape, the return on your investment is superior.  And Handi-Treads are guaranteed for life! Learn more about Handi-Treads here.

Handi-Treads Have a Lifetime Guarantee


I shovel the steps for an older woman who owns the “Mother-in-Laws” apartment attached to our home.

For years she has had the self adhesive strips on her stairs. At the end of winter there are only a few left because the rest get shoveled along with the snow.

I saw these Handi-Treads on-line and thought that they were the long term solution to good traction. Putting them up (30 of them) was easy. Really impressed with the quality of the tread and the hardware to attach. She said it was the best Christmas present!

David M. – Sitka, Alaska

porch deck aluminum treads made USA