HandiTreads Non-Slip Treads for Ramps

Ramps are inherently more dangerous to walk on because the incline, working with gravity, naturally leads to slips, trips, and falls. Exacerbating this natural tendency, outdoor ramps do not have shelter from nature’s elements, meaning they’ll be exposed to rain, debris, and depending on the location, ice and snow too. All of these factors become a recipe for slips and falls. Whether it is an ADA-compliant ramp in front of your business, or a ramp leading up to your shed, you never know when a slip or fall on your outdoor ramp can turn into an emergency room visit.

There are other non-slip coverings and solutions marketed for ramps like anti-slip paint, peel-and-stick grit treads, or outdoor mats made of rubber or carpet. The fact of the matter is that these solutions just don’t hold up when exposed to outdoor conditions like rain, snow, or debris. Anti-slip paint may provide traction in wet conditions, but isn’t fit for climates that receive snow or ice. The paint will also need to be continually re-applied to maintain any long-term slip and fall prevention. Peel-and-stick non-slip treads or rubber mats are not meant to withstand hard outdoor conditions and must also be replaced after significant use. Not to mention, peeling grit tape or the corners of mats can get caught on a shoe or wheelchair wheel and cause a fall themselves.  

The safest and most cost-effective solution to make your outdoor ramp less slippery is HandiTreads Aluminum Deck/Ramp Treads.

Unlike other non-slip products, HandiTreads Deck/Ramp Treads do not require any extensive surface preparation and are easy to install; all you need is a power drill. The treads can be installed on virtually any surface including wood, metal, and concrete so they can be installed onto any outdoor ramp. They have a lifetime residential warranty, making them the permanent slip and fall solution for your ramp. The Deck Treads are perfect for ramps because while they provide unbeatable traction in virtually any weather or environmental condition, they are also low-profile enough that wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices can safely pass over them. The treads feature a patented raised-button traction surface that is not afraid of mother nature. The treads dispel up to an inch of water, snow, ice, or debris with each step!  

The 1.875”W x 48”L Deck/Ramp treads are the perfect size to be installed along the length of outdoor ramps. They are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning they will not rust or corrode even when exposed to water, ice, and snow outside. They are powder-coated in four different designer shades: Java Brown, Chestnut Brown, Obsidian Black, and New England Gray. The tread shades were carefully selected to match or complement the wood, metal, or concrete that your ramp is constructed from. When buying multiple treads for your ramp, Deck Treads are available in packages of one, four, or ten. 


  • Patented 360-degree raised-button traction surface 
  • Durable, non-rusting aluminum construction 
  • Permanent, requiring no maintenance or replacement 
  • Weather and environment proof
  • Can be used on wood, metal, or concrete 
  • Includes color-matched screws for easy installation (concrete pin anchors are recommended for concrete installation)
  • Lifetime residential warranty

Non-Slip Tread Installation Instructions

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