Handi-Treads nosings are a permanent solution to slip, trip and fall conditions on both outdoor and indoor stairs. Featuring a patented aluminum design, Handi-Treads nosings will never rust, making them the most durable slip prevention product in the market. The nosings have a 1-1/8″ nose flap that wraps over the front of the step to provide extra traction on those slippery edges.

Handi-Treads nosings are easy to install on just about any wood, concrete, brick or metal stair and come in four durable powder-coated colors including black, brown, unfinished and safety-yellow.

Handi-Treads nosings fill a unique space in our Stop-the-Slip product lineup.  Because they come in deep (6”) and extra-deep (9”) widths, they can cover virtually an entire stair tread, providing the maximum level of traction in the most adverse conditions.


This full-stair safety coverage can be especially important in high risk slip and fall environments including high traffic steps, commercial buildings and public. Handi-Treads nosings are uniquely suited for the worst environmental conditions including snow, ice, oil, sand and dirt. Handi-Treads aluminum nosings also have the unique ability to reinforce a stair tread that’s worn or in need of repair, extending the life of the tread while dramatically improving its non-slip qualities. When securely attached to a stair tread with wood screws or concrete lags, the nosings rigid structure stabilizes the tread and protects it from additional wear.
  • Patented raised button surface provides traction from any direction.
  • For use on any surface: wood, concrete, masonry, metal etc.
  • Permanent, non-slip solution that needs no maintenance
  • An economical repair option for damaged or worn stair treads
  • Made from non-slip, rust-proof aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime residential warranty

Non-Slip Nosings Installation Instructions

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