Handi-Treads Non-Slip Deck Treads



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  • 4 ft long; 1.875” wide
  • Prevents slips, trips, and falls without detracting from the appeal of your wood deck
  • Available in four earth-toned shades that are designed to complement and enhance the beauty of any natural or composite wood deck
  • Easily installs with color-matched screws
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Do you need to make your backyard deck less slippery, but don’t want to detract from the beauty of the wood?  Is a wet pool deck with your children running in bare feet an accident waiting to happen? Are there specific areas of your Trex decking – perhaps just outside of your sliding glass doors or in front of a grill – where extra traction would make your family safer?

HandiTreads Deck Strips are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to prevent slips, trips, and falls on their natural or composite wooden decks, while also maintaining the appearance of the decking material. The rust-proof aluminum deck strips are electrostatically coated with a highly durable blend of pigments and traction grit that provide years of non-slip performance. Our deck strips feature the same long-lasting powder coating process used in the aircraft and aerospace industries where durability and safety are paramount. 

When attached to the boards of your deck, the four-foot-long by one-inch-wide deck strips offer the perfect amount of grit to provide safe, comfortable footing in both wet and dry conditions. While the deck strips are not meant to provide traction under snow or ice, (that’s what our deck treads are for) HandiTreads Deck Strips continue to provide traction under frost, making part or the entirety of your deck safer when the weather turns cold. 

To install, simply use a power drill to drill in the color-matched screws through the 5 holes of the deck strip. It may also be helpful to drill a pilot hole before screwing down the deck strip. While HandiTreads Deck Strips are a long-lasting anti-slip solution, they can be easily moved and re-installed if needed, unlike grit tape which uses messy one-time adhesive. 

HandiTreads Deck Strips come in four beautiful, earth-tone colors that are designed to complement and enhance the beauty of any natural or composite wood deck, making them ideal for homeowners that value both safety and home design. The included color-matched screws allow for easy installation and enhanced cohesiveness. Whether you want the deck strips to fade into the beauty of the existing natural or composite wood, or provide visual interest by offering a pleasant contrast with the existing deck finish, HandiTreads Deck Strips keep your family safe by providing an elegant, long-lasting solution to slips, trips, and falls. 

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Java Brown, Chestnut Brown, Cedar Red, New England Gray, Black

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Single Deck Strip, 4-Pack, 10-Pack