HandiTreads’ mission is to provide a range of effective solutions that are appropriate for your unique situation and environmental conditions. To help expedite the process of finding the right solution for you, we’ve designed the HandiTreads Configurator

The HandiTreads Configurator presents a series of questions that helps to identify where, when, and on what your slip, trip, or fall condition(s) exists.  Based on your answers, the Configurator offers a ranked set of solutions for your consideration. The rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness: How much additional grip or traction can be expected in your unique situation and under what conditions?
  • Installation & Maintenance: How easy is it to install and maintain the solution over several years?
  • Durability:  How long will the solution continue to perform well and how long will the product last before requiring replacement?
  • Initial Price:  What is the initial cost of purchasing and installing the solution?
  • Long-Term Value: What is the 10-year value of the solution including any maintenance and replacement costs?

Below is a sample result from the Customized HandiTreads Solutions configurator with a summary grade snapshot for the various solutions as well as a detailed explanation of each grade and why it was rewarded.

Your Stop-the-Slip Solutions Graded:



Grit Tape


Rubber Mats


Grit Paint


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