Customized Stop-the-Slip Solutions
For Your Unique Conditions

Your Stop-the-Slip Solutions Graded:

ClearGrip Treads & Tape: A

For ceramic tile floors inside the home, ClearGrip Treads and ClearGrip Tape provide excellent traction while allowing the natural beauty of the floor to shine through. ClearGrip rubberized vinyl not only enhances safety, but also is kind to bare feet, socks, slippers, shoes and even pet paws!

The non-slip vinyl treads and tape are easy to apply with an adhesive backing that is strong enough to keep them securely in place, but that also can be removed in the future. ClearGrip Treads come in either 6″ x 24″ or 6″ x 12″ sizes that can be trimmed to size. ClearGrip tape comes in 15-foot roles in a 2-inch width that can be tailored to suit your needs

ClearGrip Treads and tape are easy to install on ceramic tile, as you simply peel off the backing and place the vinyl onto a clean, dry surface. It’s best to avoid covering a grout line, if possible. 

ClearGrip is cleaning-friendly as the vinyl can be mopped or wiped down with soap and water. 

You can expect ClearGrip Treads and ClearGrip Tape to last for 3 to 5 years, depending on the foot traffic. 

It’s important to remember that the darker the color of the wood or paint, the more visible the ClearGrip products will be. On light tile the vinyl tread is nearly invisible. On dark ceramic tile, you will notice it.

Total Score: A

Effectiveness: A
Installation & Maintenance: A
Durability: A
Initial Price: B
Long-Term Value: A

Non-Slip Grit Treads: B

Handi-Treads Stop-the-Slip Grit Treads are an excellent solution for ceramic tile floors where a maximum amount of traction is required and you’re not concerned about appearances. Because most people don’t want to hide the beauty of their ceramic tile floor, Grit Treads receive a lower effectiveness grade.

The commercial grade non-slip grit treads provide a high traction surface for tile floors in the work place or at home in wet, dry and oily conditions. Stop-the-Slip Grit Treads are intended for areas where footwear is normally worn. The treads are not appropriate for floors where socks and bare feet are the norm. 

These non-slip treads are 6″ x 24″, meet Prop 65 and ADA standards, are NFSI certified for “High Traction”, and can be cut to meet custom size needs. Treads come 4 per package and are available in black, black with glow strip, black with reflective strip, and a luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) form.

Installation is simple and fast. The peel-and-stick backing of the grit treads provides maximum adhesion to properly cleaned surfaces. No maintenance is required for grit treads. Grit treads will maintain their effectiveness, depending on the level of use, from 2 to 4 years.

Total Score: B

Effectiveness: C
Installation & Maintenance: A
Durability: B
Initial Price: B
Long-Term Value: B

Rubber Mats or Area Rugs: C+

Rubber mats, or area rugs can be an effective, temporary way to increase the traction in certain areas of a ceramic tile floor. Rubber mats are frequently associated with professional kitchens where their ability to improve traction on wet tile floors make them a common feature.  These very same qualities make them a good candidate to reduce the risk of slips in laundry or utility rooms where the floor is ceramic tile. 

Mats can also be a potential source of trips and falls if one were to catch their foot on the edge.  This is why it’s especially important that rubber mats have a beveled edge to reduce the chance of catching a toe.  Area rugs, however, don’t have beveled edges making them less suitable as a safety. device.

There is no installation required with mats or rugs as they can be laid down in the area where you need the extra traction. You must pick up mats and area rugs to sweep up under them on a regular basis, making them less than maintenance free.

Depending upon thickness and quality of the material you can expect the mats and area rugs will last 2 to 4 years.

Total Score: C+

Effectiveness: C
Installation & Maintenance: B
Durability: B
Initial Price: C
Long-Term Value: C

Anti-Slip Paint or Finish: D

Grit paint is not typically appropriate for interior ceramic tile floors. First, the grit paint doesn’t adhere well to the smooth surface of ceramics. Second, unless the floor is in the basement, garage or utility room where shoes will be worn, the grit in most anti-slip paints is too aggressive for socks or bare feet. 

Grit paint is also unattractive in a residential setting, making it a poor choice where aesthetics matter.

There are some chemical sprays and treatments on the market that are meant to “rough up” ceramic tiles, but we don’t have the experience to recommend these products.

Grit paint can be difficult to apply as surface preparation and careful application is critical. Once applied to tile it’s almost impossible to successfully return the tile to its natural finish. The cost of anti-slip paint is $60 to $120 a gallon. Used inside the home, grit paint will last for 8 to 10 years.

Total Score: D

Effectiveness: D
Installation & Maintenance: D
Durability: B
Initial Price: D
Long-Term Value: D