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Category Archives: Safety Concerns

How to Make Your Pool Deck Safe and Stylish for Summer

Ah, summer – the season of sunshine, pool parties, and lazy days spent lounging by [...]

Your Guide to Slip-Free Outdoor Spaces

Ah, summer – the season of sunshine, backyard barbecues, and lazy afternoons spent lounging on [...]

Enhancing Pet Safety: Making Your Household Stairs Pet-Friendly with HandiTreads

Hey there, pet parents! If you’re like me, your furry friends are part of the [...]

GripStrips vs HandiTreads Non-Slip Stair Treads

We’ve all been there – you take a step onto your outdoor stairs, ramp, or [...]

Are HandiTreads Safe for ADA Structures?

If you’re considering adding non-slip treads to your stairs, ramp, or deck but are worried [...]

Why HandiTreads are Necessary for Aging-in-Place

As we navigate the journey of life, one significant chapter involves making the decision to [...]

How To Make Garage and Basement Steps Safer

As homeowners, we often prioritize the aesthetics of our living spaces, but how often do [...]

Wood Ramp with HandiTreads vs Aluminum Ramp

If you or someone you know is a homeowner with a wooden ramp, stop what [...]

How to Make Trex Decking Less Slippery in the Winter

Winter brings with it a picturesque landscape covered in glistening snow, radiant icicles, and salient [...]

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