Don’t Let Slips and Falls Slow Down Your Summer!

Your patio, deck or stairs should be the star of summer shindigs. Put safety first so that you won’t have to worry about it once it’s too late. Slip and fall hazards don’t disappear with warm weather. Pool splashes and summer rain showers are no match for HandiTreads Non-Slip Aluminum Deck Treads or Deck Strips! 

  • Available in 4 designer shades: Java Brown, Chestnut Brown, Obsidian Black, and New England Gray that match popular deck colors. 
  • 4 feet long to provide comprehensive safety throughout your entire deck. 
  • Protects against slip and fall hazards like rain, dew, leaves, and mildew.
  • Deck Treads feature HandiTreads’ patented raised button traction surface that provides 360° slip and fall protection. 
  • Deck Strips have an emery board-like grit surface for low-profile safety. 
  • Can be installed onto wood, stone, concrete, or composite decking like Trex.
Aluminum Stair Treads on treated lumber steps
Non-Slip Stair Treads For Outdoor Steps

Make Your Trex or Pressure Treated Wood Decking Slip Free

Deck Treads Come in 4 Designer Colors

Just because winter is gone doesn’t mean your deck or patio isn’t a slip-and-fall hazard. The rain, moisture, and mildew brought by Spring and Summer can cause both pressure-treated and composite wood decking, like Trex, to become extremely slippery when wet. 

Equipped with the same patented traction surface as our stair treads, the new outdoor Non-Slip Aluminum Deck Treads have you covered. Available in four refined earth-toned shades, you’ll find the perfect hue to complement any color deck. Similarly, Non-Slip Aluminum Deck Strips provide three-season protection to prevent slips and falls in a part or the entirety of your deck.

Deck Treads Across a Sliding Glass Wall
Make Part or All of Your Deck Non-Slip



Patented non-slip stair treads to make outdoor stairs, ramps, and decks safer in any weather! Residential lifetime guarantee.


Eliminate slips, trips and falls while reinforcing wood & concrete stair treads, extending their life.


Our non-slip deck treads make your pressure-treated wood or Trex deck slip-free even under snow and ice.


The non-slip deck strips feature an electrically bonded grit surface that provides excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions.

HandiTreads Install in Just Minutes!

HandiTreads can be installed in any weather and do not require extensive prep before application unlike grit tape or paint that require dry surfaces and warm temperatures for the adhesives to work. HandiTreads are ideal for year-round installation and use.

The patented raised-button traction surface of HandiTreads sheds water with each step and inhibits the growth of algae, moss, and mold. You can also use a snow shovel with or power-wash the aluminum non-slip treads – something that will rip grit tape to shreds!

Easy Installation this Spring
Make your outdoor steps safe in minutes!
Grit Tape Doesn't Last

Grit Tape FAILS
In Outdoor Applications

In the right environment – indoors – grit tape can be an excellent solution to increase traction. However, when used outdoors, grit tape is not effective in wet weather and will rarely last more than one season.

While the initial investment in HandiTreads may cost more than grit treads or tape, the return on your investment is superior.  HandiTreads are guaranteed to last for life – something other anti-slip solutions like grit tape or rubber treads just can’t live up to.

Learn more about HandiTreads here.

Grit Treads Fail Outside

Safe Aging in Place for the Outside of Your Home

Slips and falls for seniors are no laughing matter. As we or our loved ones get older,  living in the homes that we’ve known for years can suddenly become challenging as a few steps to the front door, a sloping sidewalk, or a slippery deck become everyday challenges. This article will guide you through the preventative measures you can take to help make the outside of a home senior safe and friendly!

If you’ve got concrete steps with chipped edges, spalling or cracks that make them unsafe, HandiTreads Aluminum Nosings are the optimal solution. Not only do the nosings provide unbeatable slip and fall protection, but they also increase the structural integrity of the steps and prevent them from degrading further.

Aging in Place at Home Ideas for Safety

Which Aluminum Non-Slip Stair Treads are Best for Your Home?

Did you know that falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury death? Being exposed to the elements, outdoor stairs can create dangerous slip and fall hazards. The best way to protect yourself and your family on your outdoor stairs is to install non-slip aluminum stair treads. In this blog, we explore the different aluminum stair tread options to help you determine which solution will work best at your home.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Ramps!

Besides decks, outdoor ramps can also become dangerously slippery when wet, especially if the ramp was placed for a loved one using a wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility devices. Non-Slip Aluminum Stair Treads and Deck Treads are the perfect solutions to make outdoor ramps safe to use in any weather condition. The treads are low-profile so that wheelchairs or equipment wheels can smoothly pass over them while still providing unbeatable traction.

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