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Handi-Treads Non-Slip Aluminum Nosings (Factory Seconds)


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Factory seconds are perfect for people who are looking for fall prevention safety but are willing to have a slightly imperfect tread placed on their stairs. They are a great bargain for places that are not seen regularly or do not require that high end designer finish. The savings are up to 70%!

These are functionally perfect nosings with cosmetic defects including discoloration, squared edges, slight mis-cuts, slightly misaligned hole punches, missing raised traction buttons, scratches and dents. Most Factory Seconds will have no pre-drilled mounting holes. You will need to drill holes for attachment. No screws will be supplied. The Factory Seconds may have a combination of cosmetic flaws described above that do not impact performance.

Non Slip Aluminum Stair Nosings
Handi-Treads nosings are an economical permanent solution to slip and fall hazards on outdoor stairs. These non slip nosings not only improve traction on the edge of the stair tread, where most slips occur, but also can stabilize and extend the life of both wood and concrete stair treads. The unique construction of Handi-Treads nosings provide exceptional traction with the patented raised button surface that grips on to your shoe or foot and provides instant traction. Handi-Treads nosings are lightweight, take minutes to install, and can blend into any aesthetic. Unlike grit tape and grip paint, they will never need replacement or maintenance.

Factory Seconds are Not Returnable

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Outdoor Surface Uses

Natural Wood, Synthetic Wood, Concrete, Natural Stone, Brick

Outdoor Slip & Fall Conditions

Algae, Wet, Frost, Snow, Dirt, Oil & Grease

Outdoor Uses

, , ,

Indoor Slip & Fall Conditions

Steam, Water, Dust, Oil & Grease

Indoor Structure Uses

Indoor Surface Uses

Wood, Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone, Concrete

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  • 60"
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