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Category Archives: Stairs & Decks

GripStrips vs HandiTreads Non-Slip Stair Treads

We’ve all been there – you take a step onto your outdoor stairs, ramp, or [...]

Why HandiTreads are Necessary for Aging-in-Place

As we navigate the journey of life, one significant chapter involves making the decision to [...]

How to Make Trex Decking Less Slippery in the Winter

Winter brings with it a picturesque landscape covered in glistening snow, radiant icicles, and salient [...]

Clearway Stair Treads vs. HandiTreads: Which is Better?

When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, every step matters. [...]

Making Interior Step Safer

Slippery stairs can be a real hazard, whether you’re navigating them in your stocking feet, [...]

When Grit Paint is the Ideal Non-Slip Solution

It’s October, which means it’s finally spooky season! It’s the time of year known best [...]

What is the Best Weather Resistant Non-Slip Tread?

In recent years, we have experienced some of the most extreme weather conditions. From some [...]

How to Make Brick Steps Less Slippery

Bricks are a common construction material for outdoor staircases in homes across the United States. [...]

Why Non-Slip Treads are Needed in Warm Climates

When we think of slippery surfaces, icy walkways and snow-covered stairs often come to mind. [...]

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