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Making Interior Step Safer

Making Interior Stairs Safer

Slippery stairs can be a real hazard, whether you’re navigating them in your stocking feet, with carpeted steps, or on beautifully polished wood stairs. The risk is not only limited to people but extends to our furry friends as well. In this guide, we’ll explore various solutions to transform your indoor steps into safer pathways, ensuring a secure journey for both humans and pets.

Understanding the Issue

Slippery stairs are not just an inconvenience but a genuine safety concern. Whether you have a home with elegant hardwood floors or a cozy cottage with carpeted stairs, the potential for accidents is ever-present. Socks, worn-out shoes, or even our pets’ paws can easily lose traction, leading to slips and falls. This issue is not imagined; medical professionals estimate that nearly 1 million Americans injure themselves on stairs each year. 

The good news is that there are effective solutions available to mitigate these risks and create a safer environment for everyone in your household, be it your little ones, grandma, or even Fido. There is no need to compromise either safety or aesthetic.

Carpeted Stairs vs. Wooden Stairs: What’s the Difference?

Many homeowners opt for carpeted stairs, assuming that the added texture will inherently make them safer. While carpet does provide some grip, not all carpets are created equal. The choice between commercial loop and cut pile carpet can significantly impact the level of traction.

Commercial loop carpets, with tightly woven loops, will offer better resistance against slips compared to cut pile carpets, which have individual strands standing upright. However, both types can still be slippery, especially when exposed to moisture or wear and tear. What this means is that your late night search for snacks could easily end in a trip to the hospital, if your carpets are cut pile, poorly made or maintained. 


Wood stairs, while aesthetically pleasing and safer than carpet, can pose a significant challenge when it comes to slip prevention. The smooth surface that adds charm to your home can quickly turn treacherous, especially if not properly addressed. Fortunately, there are solutions that enhance safety without compromising the visual appeal of your wooden staircase.


Introducing HandiTreads ClearGrip Vinyl Treads and Tape

A leading solution to help you Stop-the-Slip on wood stairs is the HandiTreads ClearGrip Vinyl Treads and Tape. These innovative traction-enhancing solutions are made from soft rubberized vinyl, providing an effective grip on various surfaces. The clear design ensures that the beauty of your flooring, whether hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, or polished concrete, remains visible while enhancing safety.

ClearGrip Vinyl Treads are easy to install and are suitable for use with bare feet, socks, slippers, shoes, and even pet paws. The virtually invisible nature of these treads means you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety. Whether you’re dealing with slippery stairs or slick hallways, ClearGrip Treads offer a discreet yet powerful solution. They also come in Circle Treads, best if you’re dealing with more open floorplans.

The ClearGrip Vinyl Tape, available in 15-foot rolls with a 2-inch width, is another versatile option. Its soft rubberized material ensures a secure grip, and its virtually invisible design allows it to seamlessly blend into any surface. This tape is not only easy to install but also easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance yet effective solution for various indoor settings.

Apply Clear Vinyl Tape to prevent slips

Beyond Indoor Steps

The utility of ClearGrip Vinyl Tape extends beyond indoor steps. It finds application in various industrial settings, as well as adding traction to surfaces on recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, water skis, surfboards, boats, ATV’s, tractors, and lawnmowers. This versatility makes ClearGrip Tape a go-to solution for both household and industrial slip prevention needs.

Pet-Friendly Safety

Our beloved pets are integral members of our households, their joyous presence filling our homes with warmth and companionship. As we prioritize the safety of our family, it is equally crucial to extend this care to our furry friends. ClearGrip Treads emerge as a reliable solution, not only catering to human safety but also ensuring our pets navigate indoor steps with confidence.

Pets, with their playful antics and boundless energy, often zip up and down stairs with enthusiasm. However, the smooth surfaces of stairs, particularly those made of hardwood or polished tile, pose a considerable challenge for their paws. The risk of slips and falls is not exclusive to humans; our pets are equally susceptible. That’s where ClearGrip Treads prove invaluable in creating a secure environment for your four-legged companions.

These soft rubberized vinyl treads offer an additional layer of traction, providing a stable surface for pets to traverse without the fear of slipping. Whether your dog is sprinting up the stairs in excitement or your cat is gracefully descending, ClearGrip Treads ensure they have a solid grip, fostering a safe and stress-free environment for their movements.

Moreover, the ease of installation makes ClearGrip Treads a practical choice for those seeking a hassle-free solution to pet-proof their stairs. No need for complex tools or extensive modifications; simply apply these treads, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the safety of your indoor steps.

In addition to enhancing traction, ClearGrip Treads offer durability, with the soft rubberized material ensuring a long-lasting solution. This durability is especially beneficial for households with larger or more active pets, as the treads withstand the wear and tear of daily paw traffic. And, even if your ClearGrip Treads or Tape eventually get torn to sheds by your furry friends (owners of bored, curious kitties will know this struggle), their affordable price and easy application make replacing your Treads easy and stress-free.

What About Basement Stairs?

When discussing indoor steps, basement stairs often come to mind. These stairs, being prone to moisture and often neglected, pose a unique challenge. ClearGrip Vinyl Treads and Tape are an excellent choice for basement stairs, offering reliable slip prevention even in damp conditions. Their durability ensures a long-lasting solution, providing peace of mind as you navigate these potentially hazardous steps.


Creating a safe environment within your home involves addressing the often overlooked issue of slippery stairs. Whether you have carpeted stairs, polished wood steps, or need a solution for basement stairs, HandiTreads ClearGrip vinyl treads and tape offer a reliable and aesthetically pleasing answer.

Enhancing safety without sacrificing style is possible, and with the versatility of ClearGrip Treads and Tape, you can transform any indoor space into a secure pathway. From stocking feet to pet paws, these innovative solutions ensure that every member of your household can navigate indoor steps confidently and safely. Say goodbye to slips and falls, and embrace the beauty of a safer home.

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