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Why HandiTreads are Necessary for Aging-in-Place

Safety in important for aging in place

As we navigate the journey of life, one significant chapter involves making the decision to age in place. For many older adults, like a parent or grandparent, the comfort and familiarity of their homes hold immense value, and dramatic changes in environments can be very damaging to their psychological well-being. However, with this decision to stay out of an assisted living community comes the responsibility of ensuring a safe living environment, especially since seniors are more susceptible to health-altering falls. In this article, we delve into the crucial aspect of fall prevention and why HandiTreads might play a pivotal role in facilitating successful aging in place.

Understanding the Importance of Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of aging in place. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. In fact, more than one in four Americans age 65+ experience a dangerous fall every year. The consequences of a fall can be severe, ranging from fractures to head injuries, leading to a decline in overall health and independence. As we age, our bodies undergo changes, affecting balance, vision, and muscle strength – making seniors more vulnerable to slips and falls.

While safely aging in place requires one to consider many factors concerning the accessibility adjustments they or their loved ones must make to their home environments, fall prevention is perhaps paramount among these considerations. Even older adults without a history of mobility issues are put at risk when surfaces within their home go untreated, staying slippery. Our team here at HandiTreads believes in the value of aging in place and the quality of life enjoyed by those who are able to avoid assisted living facilities for the comfort of their domicile – that’s why our products are excellent at keeping the ones we love safe in their golden years.

HandiTreads: the Solution for Keeping Seniors Safe!

HandiTreads, the solution to secure aging in place, focuses on preventing slips and falls, particularly in areas prone to slippery conditions. There are two main  HandiTreads product lines crucial for ensuring a safe living space: aluminum non-slip solutions for outdoor spaces, and grit/vinyl treads for indoor use.

Outdoor Safety with Aluminum Non-Slip Solutions

Slippery outdoor wood steps, ramps and decks pose a significant risk for falls. Whether it’s a front porch, a patio, or a ramp, these spaces are often exposed to the elements, creating surfaces that become treacherous when wet or icy. HandiTreads’ aluminum non-slip solutions are designed to combat these conditions effectively.


The aluminum non-slip treads provide a durable and weather-resistant solution for outdoor staircases. The unique design incorporates a patented raised traction button surface that offers excellent footing, even in the harshest weather conditions. 

These treads are easy to install, ensuring that older adults can continue enjoying their outdoor spaces without compromising safety.

Additionally, the outdoor HandiTreads come in various colors and styles, allowing homeowners to seamlessly integrate safety measures with their existing aesthetic preferences. This way, the safety features blend seamlessly with the overall look of the home, enhancing both functionality and style.

We offer three distinct products in the HandiTreads product line aimed to help with outdoor safety without breaking the bank or requiring a complicated installation process. Those products include our Non-Slip Deck Strips, ideal for climates light on snow or for maintaining safety in the warmer months, our Non-Slip Ramp and Deck Treads for when you need year-round/winter climate protection for your outdoor surfaces, and our Non-Slip Aluminum Stair Treads and Nosings for keeping even the slipperiest outdoor steps safe, even in snow and ice.

Indoor Security with Grit/Vinyl Treads


While outdoor spaces demand robust solutions, there are a myriad of slip and fall hazards indoor as well.. Slippery surfaces inside the house, especially on stairs, pose a significant threat to aging individuals. HandiTreads addresses this concern with their indoor grit/vinyl non-slip treads.


The indoor treads are designed to provide exceptional traction on various indoor surfaces, including wood, tile, and laminate. The non-slip surface ensures a firm grip, reducing the likelihood of slips and falls. These treads are not only functional but also versatile, coming in various sizes and colors to suit different indoor settings.

Moreover, the installation process for the grit/vinyl treads is user-friendly, making it accessible for older adults or their family members to enhance home safety without extensive renovations. Particularly well suited for moist environments like bathtubs, showers, or the bathroom floor, these treads act as a protective layer against accidents, allowing seniors to move freely within their homes with confidence.

Two products we offer that are ideal for indoor use are our ClearGrip Non-Slip Vinyl Treads and Tape and our Grit Treads and Tape. The former offers aesthetic versatility due to its clear color allowing it to blend in anywhere, while the latter comes in both black and glow-in-the-dark, the latter color being perfect for subtly increasing visibility in dark areas like basements and garages.

Aging in Place Checklist: HandiTreads at the Core

As families consider the aging in place checklist, the importance of non-slip stair treads becomes evident. HandiTreads seamlessly integrate into this checklist, offering a comprehensive solution for both outdoor and indoor fall prevention.

Assessing Outdoor Spaces

  • Identify slippery surfaces: Take note of outdoor spaces with wood steps, decks, or patios that may become hazardous when wet or icy.
  • Choose HandiTreads aluminum solutions: Select the appropriate outdoor treads based on the specific needs and aesthetics of the home.

Evaluating Indoor Risks:

  • Identify indoor slippery surfaces: Focus on areas such as staircases, where slips are more likely to occur.
  • Choose HandiTreads grit/vinyl treads: Enhance indoor safety with easy-to-install treads that offer traction without compromising the interior design.

Customization for Safety:

  • Select appropriate sizes and styles: HandiTreads come in various sizes and colors, ensuring a customized approach to safety without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Blend safety with style: Ensure that the chosen treads seamlessly integrate with the existing décor, enhancing both safety and the overall look of the home.


In the pursuit of successful aging in place, prioritizing fall prevention is non-negotiable. HandiTreads emerge as the key ally in this endeavor, offering tailored solutions for both outdoor and indoor spaces. By addressing the specific needs of seniors and their homes, HandiTreads empower older adults to maintain their independence, confidence, and most importantly, their safety within the familiar walls of their cherished homes. As we navigate the golden years, let HandiTreads pave the way for secure and comfortable aging in place.
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