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How to Fix Slippery Interior Surfaces in Your Home or Business

Tile, all types of marble, granite, wooden, and laminate flooring can be a safety hazard. Many areas of the home or business can be slippery even when dry, but especially when wet, or when food and other fluids are on the floors or stairs creating a dangerous situation for anyone. From small children to the elderly, and everyone else in between are all equally prone to slip and fall injuries. Did you know that slip and fall injuries are the #1 cause of emergency room visits for all ages? Slip, trip, and fall prevention is a high priority in the workplace and is also vital to various areas of the home, where our guard is down most. Laying down floor mats, rugs, and carpet treads not only cover up beautiful floors and stairs, but they can become a trip and fall hazard, creating more safety issues for concern. 

How can you prevent someone from slipping on these surfaces, while still appreciating the esthetics of your floors or stairs? HandiTreads ClearGrip Treads are an easy to install, virtually invisible, anti-slip solution to protect you, your family, and friends in your home or business staff and patrons. Perfect for areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or dining areas, or any other walkways of a home or business to help provide the traction needed to create a safer environment. These easy to clean treads blend in near seamlessly to all hard surfaces. Let’s discuss different areas of the home or workplace that would benefit from discreet anti-slip ClearGrip Treads. 

Wooden Stairs can be extremely slippery, especially for pets. Many pets avoid stairs altogether creating a difficult challenge for both pets and their owners. Cleaning solutions, particularly waxes, can also make wooden stairs especially slick. ClearGrip Treads 6”x24” inches cover the width of any standard sized stair and provide enough transparent traction to help paws or stocking bare feet while ascending or descending stairs. ClearGrip Treads, made of vinyl, can be cleaned with any type of floor cleaning solution and will not damage the tread. ClearGrip Treads are easily applied, easy to clean, and will not damage properly finished stairs. Best of all, in not only making your stairs safer for those who use them, but you can also still appreciate the beauty of your wooden stairs

Bathrooms are especially slippery areas whether at home or business. With water likely splashing onto slick tile floors applying ClearGrip Treads near sinks and bathroom pathways can help prevent a slip and fall injury. When entering or exiting the shower or bath ClearGrip’s 12″x6″ and 4” Circle-shaped Treads are an excellent solution to slippery floor surfaces. In place of a bath mat apply ClearGrip treads that fit within the size of your tile or laminate flooring for a transparent non-slip solution. For special sizing or increased coverage, we also have a ClearGrip 15”x2” Tape Roll that can be cut to size. To ensure the effectiveness of the adhesive we suggest not applying directly over grout. 

Kitchen or dining areas, installing ClearGrip Treads in front of a kitchen sink, around the perimeter of kitchen islands, and pathways can help prevent these areas from becoming slick. Restaurant kitchens and walkways are notoriously slick from food and beverages falling onto the floors, can also benefit from our ClearGrip Treads in various areas where patrons and staff travel frequently. For extreme traction in industrial settings check out HandTreads Grit Treads and Grit Tape

For more information on how to make areas of your home or workplace safer today with ClearGrip Treads visit or contact us today for a free consultation.


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