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Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls Inside and Outside of Your RV or Trailer with Handi-Treads

Camping (or as it is now called “Glamping”) season is in full swing and will lead well into the autumn months. Whether you enjoy taking a 30 foot RV out on the open road across the country, or take in the beautiful scenery from a parked trailer in a recreational resort, it’s always nice to break free from the daily grind and enjoy the great outdoors. When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want is a slip-and-fall accident that could wind up in an emergency room visit, prematurely ending the fun. Like any space where water, dirt and steps meet, there’s always opportunity for slips, trips and falls both inside and outside of a recreational vehicle.

For instance, the steps leading into an RV can oftentimes be steep and narrow making it easy for a slip-and-fall accident to happen. Installing non-slip Handi-Treads; the long-lasting aluminum treads, is often an excellent solution as they can be installed within minutes, last a lifetime, and offer the highest level of traction even when wet, caked with mud, or covered in snow.

Handi-Treads industrial-strength Grit Treads or Grit Tape are another great non-slip option. Grit Treads are available in various sizes and colors and can be cut to size and installed quickly on RV steps. Grit treads may have to be replaced seasonally depending on the frequency of use and weather exposure but are offer a great price/durability combination.

If you often have trouble finding your camper steps on a dark night, Handi-Treads  Glow in the Dark Grit Treads are a fabulous option that make finding the step several hours after dark much easier. Not only do the glow-in-the-dark treads provide visual safety and high traction, but they are also fun to use! The glow is so bright and will illuminate for up to 8 hours, and “recharging” them takes minimal exposure to light. Glow in the Dark Treads can also be cut to size to meet specific needs.

The Inside of an RV or trailer can also benefit from Handi-Treads non-slip products. From the kitchenette to the bathroom, the translucent ClearGrip Treads provide an excellent amount of traction while letting the beauty of the floor to shine through.  ClearGrip Treads have an adhesive backing that sticks to virtually any non-porous surface.  Available in various sizes, ClearGrip vinyl treads are easy to install and can be removed without any special tools or solvents.

Make your RV adventures safer this season with Handi-Treads full line of non-slip products! For custom options and sizes contact Handi-Treads directly at 877-328-7389


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