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Why Non-Slip Treads are Needed in Warm Climates

Slip and Fall Solutions - Aluminum Treads Seconds and Overruns at deep discounts

When we think of slippery surfaces, icy walkways and snow-covered stairs often come to mind. However, even in warmer areas, there are conditions and surfaces that can pose a slip-and-fall risk. In regions blessed with a more temperate climate, where frost and snow are infrequent, the need for non-slip treads might seem less apparent. Just because the risk is not obvious, it doesn’t mean that the potential injury is any less deadly. This is why even if you live in a warmer state or region, you should prioritize slip and fall prevention.

In this blog post, we will explore how non-slip treads can prevent dangerous slips and falls in even the warmest climates. 

Rainy Seasons

While the weather may be gorgeous for a good part of the year, many warmer states often experience periods of heavy rainfall. These rainy seasons can make outdoor structures such as stairs, decks, and ramps extremely slippery. While every outdoor surface will become more slippery when wet, wood and composite materials are most susceptible. Wood planks naturally cup when they get wet and water can pool on them. In addition, the chemicals used to pressure treat wood to keep it from rotting can also present an “oily” surface when wet, making them slippery even when it’s 80 degrees outside!

Luckily, installing non-slip treads can provide traction in these slippery areas, preventing slips and falls. HandiTreads aluminum non-slip treads have a patented raised-button surface that provides traction on wet surfaces, even when covered in water. The buttons also have holes in them that allow the water to drain through so it won’t be sitting on top of the treads.

Depending on the time of year, rainy seasons can also bring light snow and frost even in normally warm climates. 

While uncommon, it’s better to be prepared before it happens. HandiTreads create traction in up to an inch of snow as well, and as water freezes, ice forms around the buttons and not on top of them. 

Humidity and Dew

In regions with warm climates, rain, humidity, and dew can create moisture on various outdoor surfaces, making them slippery. Humid areas of the country are especially susceptible to this. Pool areas, patios, decks, and outdoor stairways can become treacherous when damp. Additionally, consistent humidity and overnight dew can cause mold and algae growth which can be even more slippery than the moisture itself. Non-slip treads offer a practical way to mitigate the hazards posed by moisture, allowing you and your family to navigate these spaces safely.

In warm, humid areas, the selection of a non-slip solution is imperative. Non-slip products like peel-and-stick grip tape will need intensive surface preparation before application, and the consistent moisture will cause the adhesive to fail quickly. HandiTreads non-slip aluminum treads are installed by drilling them into your steps, deck, or ramp with the included color-matched screws. They can be installed in any temperature or weather condition, unlike adhesives. HandiTreads are also constructed of hard-wearing aluminum, meaning they won’t rust even when exposed to constant moisture.

High-Traffic Areas

With year-round warm weather, it’s no surprise that you will be spending a lot of time outside. Whether it be children bounding up stairs, a ramp leading up to your porch, or elderly parents navigating the deck surrounding your pool, the places your family and friends usually walk should be safe. Especially with added environmental factors as discussed above, the places people frequent the most need the most slip-and-fall protection.


Since the non-slip solutions will be placed in areas with high foot traffic, they’ll need to be durable. While grit tape or traction mats can peel up and will need to be replaced, HandiTreads are constructed of hard-wearing aluminum and have a one-and-done installation. Once installed, they do not require any maintenance and have a lifetime residential warranty.

Because HandiTreads are available in multiple sizes, they’re ideal for various outdoor structures. The stair treads are ideal for outdoor stairways with varying widths. 

HandiTreads stair nosings not only provide traction but also structural integrity to stairways.

This is ideal for older concrete stairs that may be starting to chip from heavy usage or wood stair beginning to chip or bow for the same reason. For ramps and larger areas like patios and decks, HandiTreads deck/ramp treads provide sleek traction with a longer tread design. 

Beyond the comprehensive sizing, HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions are available in five powder-coated shades that will not fade even under heavy foot traffic. Shades like Chestnut Brown, Java Brown, New England Gray, and Obsidian Black complement or blend seamlessly with popular deck, ramp, and stair colors making them an aesthetically pleasing view in areas people use most. The Safety Yellow shade is ideal for high-traffic areas that would benefit from better visibility. 


Many warmer states have a significant population of retirees or elderly individuals who, as the CDC reports, are more susceptible to slips and falls.

Aging in Place at Home Ideas for Safety

Maintaining the safety of outdoor areas is crucial to safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones in their golden years. If you or your loved ones are aging in place at their homes, you want to ensure that the home is fit to support the transition into elderly age. 

Non-slip treads provide an added layer of protection and instill confidence in the elderly, enabling them to move freely without fear of accidents.

HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions are ideal for aging-in-place because they can be installed in various places around the home to prevent slips and falls. Furthermore, they do not require replacement or further maintenance after being installed so you don’t have to worry about them losing their efficacy. HandiTreads help prevent slips and falls for a lifetime. 

Preventing Slips and Falls Isn’t Just Regional 

While warmer climates may not experience the same wintry hazards as colder regions, they still face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring safety. Rainy seasons, high humidity, and high-traffic areas create conditions where slips and falls can occur. By implementing non-slip treads like HandiTreads, states in warmer areas can enhance the safety of their home, reduce potentially deadly accidents, and create a more secure environment for those aging in place.

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