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Why Metal HandiTreads Are Not Slippery

When moisture is present, whether it be morning dew, snowfall, or leftover water from an overnight rainstorm, outdoor structures like decks, porches, or stairs can become extremely slippery. This is because liquids have much less friction compared to solid materials. With just a thin layer of moisture present, you are much more likely to lose your footing and slip. 

HandiTreads - The Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Superstore

Some materials also become more slippery than others when slicked with water. Anything flat and underfoot can be slippery. A bathroom floor, a wooden step, or any flat surface can be a slip and fall hazard. Since it is impossible to avoid Mother Nature’s gifts of rain, sleet, and snow outside, action must be taken to restore traction and avoid dangerous slips and falls. 

Why Don’t Metal HandiTreads Become Slippery When Wet?

When we think of stepping on something flat and metal, many of us would imagine it to be a very slippery surface.  After all, metal is smooth, often shiny, and seems like it wouldn’t have any traction at all, especially if it were dusty, wet, or covered in snow.

If you were to walk on a flat piece of metal, it would likely be slippery!  However, it’s not the metal that is inherently slippery, but rather the flatness and smoothness underfoot. Indeed any smooth material: wood, plastic, tile, concrete, etc. is going to be slippery when moisture or dirt is around.

So why aren’t aluminum HandiTreads slippery?  After all, they’re made from metal. It all comes down to HandiTreads’ patented raised traction buttons. These unique buttons, when punched into a sheet of aluminum, transform a flat piece of metal into an incredible textured surface that provides 360-degree traction. The raised buttons grab onto your shoe, creating far more traction underfoot than any smooth surface like a wood step, could possibly do. The raised buttons are also unique in that their cone shape prevents water and debris from collecting on the treads. With each step on HandiTreads, the pressure from your foot dispels water, debris, snow, and even ice! Since the buttons cover the entire surface of the tread, they improve traction in every direction, not just front to back. 

Not slippery when wet - texture and colors

For additional non-slip traction, HandiTreads also have an electrically bonded colored epoxy tint with an embedded polyester grit that creates a non-slip texture that feels like 80 grit sandpaper. This texture creates more solid traction when stepped on, but is still comfortable enough to be stepped on with bare feet or paws. 

Aluminum Non-Slip Protection

There you have it! Although metal treads may appear to be slippery, even more so when wet, HandiTreads patented raised-button surface ensures optimal traction. The treads create a more secure and dependable grip when stepped on in comparison to smooth surfaces like wood or concrete. Just because they’re metal, doesn’t mean they’re slippery! 

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