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How to Make Your Deck Safe for Summer Get-Togethers

Make Slippery Wood Deck Safe for Summer Get-togethers

Summer is a crest of sun over the horizon and it’s time to ready yourself for those warm weather months. As any big-box store’s seasonal section will tell you in the months leading to those flourishing dog days; it’s all about entertaining on your deck or patio space. While you’re loading your trunk with big bags of soil, greenery, and charcoal, there’s a light-weight safety-hazard must-have to add to your shopping list; HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads and Strips!

Providing Ease with Elegance

As decks begin to fill with small gatherings to large parties, the sound of clinking glass and the scent of charcoal tempts you to invite the whole crew, you’ll want to make sure that your guests are both satiated and safe. Indeed, nothing brings a halt to a party faster than someone hurting themselves on YOUR deck! Of course, while you want everyone to be safe, you also want the warmth of your beautiful deck to shine through.  You don’t want it looking like a factory floor with yellow striping everywhere for the sake of safety!  

Guess what?  We’ve got a solution!

Whether you have Trex decking, other composites, or pressure-treated wood, HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads and Deck Strips are the ideal light, barely noticeable, and easy to install safety option for your deck. HandiTreads Non-Slip Aluminum Deck Treads and Slips offer a comfortable, yet elegant at-home solution to many of the other options available on the market that are more suitable for commercial and industrial usage.

Types of Deck Non-Slip Options

Much like the HandiTreads Non-Slip Aluminum Stair Treads, the Non-Slip Deck Treads and Deck Strips offer an attractive no-rust solution, and both offer easy installation using just a power drill. With the natural hues of the Deck Strips and Deck Treads, our slip and fall protection solutions offer the trendiest look while remaining unmatched against weather and other aging conditions that would otherwise uproot or wear down grit tape and grit treads. 

Both the Deck Treads and Deck Strips are available in four lovely earth tones; Chestnut Brown, Java Brown, New England Gray, and Obsidian Black. Additionally, the Deck Treads and Deck Strips are offered in money-saving, 4-packs, and 10-packs to best fulfill your hazardous coverage.

With such similarities, you may be wondering whether the Deck Treads or Deck Strips would be ideal for transforming a slippery deck into a safe place for you and your loved ones? So, we’ve put together a simple description of both Non-Slip Deck options.

Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads

Aluminum Deck Treads on treaded lumber - CategoryAs the August-hot months slither by, leaves begin to fall and iced pitchers are replaced by steaming mugs, the Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads are a head-gripping hazard preventer for those who live in all regions and seasons. The Non-Slip Deck Treads feature our patented, raised traction buttons that provide 360-degree traction in any condition. The Deck Treads offer a lifetime guarantee and are the chic option with year-round protection for your composite, natural wood, or Trex decking. Whatever the weather brings, from warm rain, unforgiving sleet, up to an inch of snow, forgotten dirt, icy decks, or fallen leaves, Deck Treads are the best option to protect your decking from hazardous slips and falls. The Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads measure 48’’ long and 1.875’’ wide, ensuring that each deck tread provides wide coverage at an affordable investment. 

Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Strips

Aluminum Deck Strips on treaded lumber - CategorySunny deck days lie ahead along with summer thunderstorms and sun showers, so having a slippery deck during summertime is practically unavoidable. HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Strips are the sleekest and most affordable, bare-foot safety options for your composite or natural wood deck. Slightly thinner than the Deck Treads, the strips are 48” long and 1’’ wide.  The deck strips are available in the same four earth-tone colors to either amplify your decking or fade into the natural beauty of the wood coloring.

The Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Strips, featuring an electronically bonded colored powder coating infused with polyester traction grit, provide emory board-like grip.  These non-rusting aluminum traction strips offer barefoot protection in wet weather while remaining comfortable to walk on even during hot summer days. The HandiTreads Non-Slip Deck Strips also boast a One Year Warranty. While the Non-Slip Treads will most certainly protect your deck in time for midday BBQs and nighttime pops of popcorn and movies more affordably, the Deck Strips are not intended for protection in snow or ice. 

Unforeseen Safety Hazards on Decks

As the summer-day sky ages to an early night and the scent of citronella fills the air, hazardous conditions on wood decks worsen in the dark. Between unforeseen obstacles in the poorly illuminated moonlight or early morning dew and as dark puddles linger in bows of the wood, your deck is ever-more prone to a serious accident that could be prevented with either the HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads or Strips. Even on pressure-treated wood, moisture is known to linger while moss and mold can grow undetected in dark areas. Let’s not forget about summertime landscaping debris that (gasp) blew over from the neighbors!

Safeguard Your Ramps

Aluminum Deck Treads on treated lumber ramp

Not only do outdoor decks and stairwells need the best protection from slippage, but don’t forget about any slopes or ramps on your property as well. A haul of groceries, gardening supplies that are being wheeled, or mobility aids like wheelchairs, electric scooters or walkers can easily pass over the HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Strips and Treads while providing traction and peace of mind.

Some of the Facts about Slipping or Falling

While you may not need to worry about every leaf that lingers on your deck or spec of dew, residential slips and falls are not prevented by insurance companies so taking the proper precautions yourself with comparatively the best product offered on the market is the best option. The CDC warns that not only have residential slips and falls increased by 30% from 2007 to 2016 in older adults but the chance of falling or slipping after previously having done so doubles. Even if you’re not in the age range that qualifies as a senior, HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Slips and Treads offer protection from future falls while the Non-Slip Treads hold a lifetime warranty from possible preventable slips in the far future.

Protection, Comfort, and Peace of Mind in Summertime

Let’s face it; no matter how much you warn guests, kids, or yourself of popsicles dripping, walking around wet, or scampering across the wood deck, a slippery summer situation is inevitable. The best way to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected from a slip or fall this summer is with HandiTreads Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Tread Strips or Aluminum Non-Slip Deck Treads for year-round-safety.

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