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How to Make Brick Steps Less Slippery

Bricks are a common construction material for outdoor staircases in homes across the United States. [...]

Why Non-Slip Treads are Needed in Warm Climates

When we think of slippery surfaces, icy walkways and snow-covered stairs often come to mind. [...]

Using Non-slip Treads on a Boat Dock

When it comes to boat docks, safety and durability are of utmost importance. Whether you [...]

Non-slip Mats vs Non-slip HandiTreads

Even though your deck is no longer the location of sizzling BBQs and your porch [...]

How to Fix Icy Steps

When the first cold winds of winter start to whirl, those of us living in [...]

Why Adhesive Grit Treads Shouldn’t Be Used Outdoors

If you have an outdoor set of steps at your home, you know how slippery [...]

Safe Landscaping Steps for Your Hillside Home

For those fortunate enough to own one, a wooded hillside home can offer naturally dramatic [...]

Why Metal HandiTreads Are Not Slippery

When moisture is present, whether it be morning dew, snowfall, or leftover water from an [...]

How to Make Your Deck Safe for Summer Get-Togethers

Summer is a crest of sun over the horizon and it’s time to ready yourself [...]

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